The 39 Alexandra Avenue in Geelong (Project 39AA)

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The 39 Alexandra Avenue in Geelong (Project 39AA)NameDate
IntroductionThe 39AA is a redevelopment project in which the sections of the existing 39 AA Victorianbuilding will be demolished and rebuilt and purpose fit to get a new look and fulfill different usepurpose. In undertaking the project, project management principles and concepts will be used tosuccessfully meet the project deliverables and project objectives. This paper begins by brieflydescribing the scope of the 39AA project and then proposes a project management methodologythat will ensure the objectives and deliverables are met. A project management technique thatincorporates the ten PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge) knowledge areas isthen proposed and the major impacts of the proposed project management methodology andtool(s). One chosen tool is then evaluated on the delivery of the 39AA projectProject Scope/SummaryTo acquire the 39AA buildingSurvey the building and the area and develop a new design for the buildingDemolish sections of the building safelyFresh construction of the demolished sections of the building to client satisfactionHandover of the completed project to the owner and have it acceptedProposed Project Management MethodologyThe proposed methodology for managing the 39AA project is the PRINCE2 Method. PRINCE2stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments)(Adler, 2018). This project managementmethodology places emphasis on the division of the project into stages that can be managed andcontrolled easily(Tuttle, 2012). PRINCE2 has seven principles that include;Continued justification of the businessLearning from experienceRoles and responsibilities definitionManaging by stagesFocus on ProductsManaging by ExceptionTailoring a project to suit the environment(Tuttle, 2012)The method has seven themes that include; business case, quality, organization, plans, changes,risk, and progress. The PRINCE2 methodology has seven processes that include;
Starting up the project where the project team is appointed and all stakeholdersProject initiation where project initiation document is put togetherDirecting the project where how the project will be overseen is definedControlling project stages and work packagesManagement of project delivery and placing formal acceptance requirementsManaging boundaries of each stageProject closure where the project is formally decommissionedThe project followed the following main phases; project initiation, project planning, projectexecution, project control, and project closure(Tuttle, 2012)Project management techniques/toolsThe tools to be used include the Gantt chart (and WBS), and the Project DocumentationGantt chart and WBSThis is a chart illustrating the schedule for a project and defines the project start and finish datesfor the project, along with the project elements in a summarized form(Kendrick, 2010). Thesummary and terminal elements makeup the project’s Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). TheGantt chart along with its elements and resources for tasks was developed using MS Project (seeAppendix I and II). The project was initiated through a project integration management where aproject management methodology (PRINCE2) and project management tools (Gantt and theProject Documentation) were selected as the process and framework that would identify,combine, define, coordinate, and unify all the project management process groups(Posner andApplegarth, 2014). The methodology and tools would ensure that all the ten PMBOK areas ofknowledge in project management and best practices would be incorporated into the 39 AAproject(Ruhe and Wohlin, 2014).Once these were done, the scope of the project was set anddefined and then managed as per PMBOK guidelines(Dietmar W. Sokowski., 2015). This wasdone to ensure all the required tasks and works were undertaken; only the required works tosuccessfully complete the project are included in the scope management(Roseke, 2014). Theseare detailed in the Gantt Chart (Appendix I) and the scope is briefly shown in the task sheetshown below;
The schedule of the project was managed using the Gantt chart in order to ensure the timelycompletion of the project. The cost for the project is managed through the project costmanagement in which budgeting s done to estimate the financial costs that will ensure thesuccessful completion of the project and the delivery of its objectives and deliverables(Ruhe andWohlin, 2014). The budget was done through obtaining up to date quotations for works andmaterials as well as equipment and labor to ensure accurate project budget. An allowance wasprovided in the budget (10%) to take care of any emergencies and contingencies. A qualitymanagement plan was used to set the quality standards for the 39AA project. The qualitydocument includes all activities and processes that determine the quality objectives, policies, andresponsibilities so that the project objectives and deliverables are met to the satisfaction of theproject owner. The project was undertaken with a recognition of the triple constraints of time,scope, and resources, and as such the resources were judiciously allocated and used within thelimits of constraints(Wilson, 2015). The human resources were managed effectively as shown in
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