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The Global Climate Change - PDF

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Added on  2021-06-17

The Global Climate Change - PDF

   Added on 2021-06-17

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2Climate changeClimate change is widely seen as the shift in the weather that has worldwide impact and might last for several decades, centuries and in some instances possibly longer (Field and Barros, 2014). Climate change is something which people hear all the time in reports along with the termof Global Warming. According to experts they believe global warming was developed through pollution and not all the climate changes were a result of mankind. The most typical cause of the climate change previously was light in the sun being blocked which caused an age of ice as planet freezes over (Field and Barros, 2014). The years that were considered the Ice Age was one instance of what happened whenever the sun was unable to penetrate to the ambiance and the warmth exhibited on the earth (Urry, 2015). The phenomenon which was created from such impact included; eruption of the super volcano for example Yellowstone, big asteroid crashing on the earth, and this created enough dust which filled on the atmosphere (Urry, 2015). It is important to note that not all the climate change brings about the cooling effects of the planet. One thing which is believed to be caused by climate change is the Global warming. There are wide range causes of climate change which are classified into two which are the natural causes and the human activities (Urry, 2015). The natural causes they have impacted the earth’s climate for example through volcanic eruptions, ocean currents, solar variations as well as orbital volcano (Urry, 2015). The eruption of the volcanoes usually causes cooling impact to the earth. When the volcano erupts it might throw large volumes of the sulphur dioxide, dust, the water vapor into atmosphere (Urry, 2015). The eruption of the volcano could affect the climatic patterns for numerous of years although the eruptions might occur in few days.
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