Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility

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INTRODUCTIONIn the present era, every business organisation desires sustainable growth, success anddevelopment in the market. In order to gain effective success and develop strong brand image inthe market, corporate social responsibility concept is very effective and suitable for everybusiness enterprise. It is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development bydelivering social, economic and environmental benefits for all stakeholders (Lindgreen andSwaen, 2010). The major objective of corporate social responsibility is to provide social,economical and environmental benefits to the society along with attaining desired objective ofbusiness enterprise. The following research project provides a depth knowledge andunderstanding about the corporate social responsibility and its implementation in the businessenterprise. In addition to this the importance of CSR activities and its link with competitiveadvantage has been also addressed in this report. TASK 1P1 Aim and objective of research for Charlotte street HotelResearch Topic: Implementing corporate social responsibility activities within corporation tomeet the sustainable objectiveBackground of the studyCorporate social responsibility is a very important part of the organisation through which firmcan gain outstanding success in the market. It is a way through which any firm can developdistinctive brand image in the market. In a simple word it can be said that corporate socialresponsibility is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by supplyingeconomic, social and environmental advantage of all stakeholders. In the present competitivebusiness environment, CSR activities is a sources by which company increase competitiveadvantage and increasing brand awareness (Dhaliwal, Li, Tsang and Yang, 2011). It developstrust of customers and employees so as they can be loyal and honest toward the organisation.The following research project is based on the case study of Charlotte hotel under which researchmethodology has been systematically addressed. This researches is conducted in order toimplement CSR activities and understand its importance to gain competitive advantage in thebusiness unit.Aims
“To implementing corporate social responsibility activities with organisation to meet sustainableobjective:A study on Charlotte street Hotel”Objectives:To understand the concept and meaning of corporate social responsibilityTo investigates the role of CSR activities within Charlotte hotelTo identify the link between CSR activities and competitive advantageTo recommend the ways and strategies through which company can implementsuccessful CSR activities in order to gain competitive advantageResearch questioningWhat is the meaning and concept of corporate social responsibilityWhat are the major role of CSR activities within the organisationAnalysis of the link between CSR activities and competitive advantageP2 Produce a project management plan that covers aspect of cost, scope, time, quality,communication, risk and resourceTask NameDurationStartFinishPredecessorsResearch project 90 daysMon 2/25/17Thu 6/12/17 Planning 25 daysMon 2/27/17Fri 3/24/17 Assortment of research subject 10 daysMon 2/27/17Thu 3/9/17 Processing problem statement 8 daysFri 3/10/17Mon 3/20/173 Background the time frame forthe allocation of resources 3 daysTue 3/21/17Fri 3/24/174 Implementation 50 daysMon 3/27/17Tue 6/6/17 Carrying out literature review 11 daysMon 3/27/17Tue 4/11/175 Choosing researchmethodologies 10 daysWed 4/12/17Wed 5/3/177 Computation of the costs 14 daysThu 5/4/17Thu 5/11/178 Information analysis andinterpretation 12 daysFri 5/12/17Tue 6/6/179 Assessment of outcomes 13 daysFri 5/12/17Thu 5/25/179 Project closer 17 daysFri 5/26/17Thu 6/15/17 conclusion andrecommendations 9 daysFri 5/26/17Tue 6/6/1711
Proper certification of results 5 daysWed 6/7/17Wed 6/14/1713 Substance of report 2 dayThu 6/15/17Thu 6/15/1714P3 Developing Gantt chart
D1 Project management process and research methodologies appliedIn order to gain the effective success in the project management, project management process isvery important aspect which includes 5 phases-Project initiation- It is the pre sale period which prove the eligibility and ability ofaccomplishing the project.Project planning-In this stages, scolar develops a systematic planning about the entireproject activities.Project execution-In this stage all member carries out their own assignments within thedeadline of the project completions.Control and validation- In this stage all activities are controlled by the investigator.Validation is a supporting activity that runs from the first day to the last day.Close out and evaluation- In the last stage all requirement of the project and objective canbe attained in the project management.Research design- Research design is a method to identify the research issue andcollecting and analysing variable solution of problem. There are major two kinds ofresearch design that is explored and descriptive. In the following research , investigatorcan used descriptive research because research is based on the survey and questionnaire.Research philosophies- Research philosophies is very important part of the researchwhich allows the researcher to understand the actual issue of the study. There are twokinds of research philosophy that is interpretivism and positivism. In this following

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