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Evaluating the importance of fall prevention interventions among the elderly population,
given their increased fall probability rates and determining how the healthcare system can be
improved to provide a better and efficient care service (Choi, Guo, Kang & Xiong, 2017). This
essay will focus on the case subject Mr.William, a 75 year old man, who has been subjected to
multiple falls and understanding his experiences during that course of time, to help understand the
gaps in the healthcare system that he had to face, being a partner in the healthcare process. It will
also talk about the significance of patient-centred care and the importance of involving patient and
their family members in the medical treatment procedure via means of effective communication.
This essay will highlight the importance of patient experiences and opinions by incorporating the
‘Partnerships in Care' strategies. Thus, this essay will also highlight the importance of this system in
order for the healthcare professionals to improve their consumer and patient experiences as well as
outcomes by understanding the gaps in the healthcare system the patients had to face and
incorporating strategies to ensure they are given the best treatment.
The patient, Mr William Taylor is a 75 year old man who has suffered multiple fall injuries.
Upon talking to him, it was found that he was alone the first time he fell and broke his right arm.
However, he mustered up enough strength to go home in that condition, even though at the time of
the fall he felt extremely helpless. He rejected being taken to a public healthcare facility, because of
his unsatisfactory, previous experience, which made him wait for the next day to undergo an X-ray
and visit his general physician. He had another fall, after feeling dizzy which rendered him to lose
his balance and fall. It was found that he was highly anaemic (Rittenhouse et al., 2015). Considering
his medical condition, he underwent capsule endoscopy, where he had to swallow a pill cam. Upon
further questioning, the patient was found to suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension and also
rhinitis, for which he underwent a nose surgery to reduce his inferior turbinate. The issues that were
found from the given case study were – the negligence Mr William had to face in the public
hospital, highlighted the lack of implementation of patient care strategies in these facilities. The
nurse was inquisitive about the patient portraying other risk factors of falling like poor eyesight,
The medical procedures to the   patients_2

weak muscles, stiff joints, hearing and other cognitive issues, blood pressure-related issues as well
medical conditions that can cause the patient to lose consciousness (Kalu, Vlachantoni & Norman,
2019; Kamińska, Brodowski & Karakiewicz, 2015). He had to repeatedly ask for pain killers
himself. This experience of his only further increased the disbelieve he garnered towards public
healthcare facilities. The other issue that was highlighted was that the healthcare professionals did
not do anything to make him feel comfortable during his stay and also made him wait for hours. He
was also not offered a room or a bed, instead was told to wait in the waiting room, when he was in
pain. This case study also highlighted that despite several policies and plans like Medicare, the
older population is still not entirely capable of handling their medical expenses and the other
associated expenses like physiotherapy, in this case.
I felt that the patient has lost faith in the public healthcare facilities because of the utmost
negligence he faced during his kidney stone procedure. He must have felt very helpless when the
facility failed to provide him with the necessary means to aid him from the excruciating pain he was
experiencing. He however trusts his general physician enough to wait an entire day with a fractured
arm to avail his medical services (Tsuda, 2017). When he was asked about what needed to be
changed in the entire healthcare system, he mentioned that while dealing with the elderly,
healthcare providers communicate with them in order to make them feel comfortable before
undergoing any medical procedure. Thus I believe healthcare professionals should take care of them
properly, explain the medical procedures they are about to undergo to clear all their doubts and
concerns regarding the procedure. Another important aspect that would improve the healthcare
services provided to him would be the increase in the economic support for availing appropriate
healthcare facilities and services, as well as involving the patient and their family in the treatment
process to ensure patient cantered care.
The medical condition of the patient suggests that he has been a victim of multiple falls and
while conversing with him it was revealed that he has been subjected to the lack of core nursing
values like professionalism, empathy and care, and effective communication (Hammar, Holmström,
The medical procedures to the   patients_3

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