The Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulation 1992

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3.1 Explanation about the contract legislation in relation to travel and tourism consumers.In order to provide the protection and accurate information about the travel and tourism activities to the visitors, UK government hasbeen developed various contract legislation in relation to travel and tourism customer which TUI group have to follow. Followingare some legislation related to the contracts of travel and tourism customers-The Unfair contract terms act 1977 andthe Unfair terms in consumer contractregulation 1999-This legislation have majorobjective is to protect the customer from theunfair contract and illegal activities of theseller or manufacturer. As per this act,manufacturer can not develop unfaircondition and contract with customer by sellwrong good and services. If anymanufacturer and seller founded with unfaircontract with customer then that particularseller can be punished by the governmentand maybe they have to pay the penalty.The sales of goods act 1979 andsupply of goods and service Act1982- Sale of good act is developed bythe UK government for the customer inorder to protect and secure them fromwrong goods and services. As per thisact, it is very important for theorganization to deliver or supply exactand required good and services whichdemanded by the customer. The goodsand services should be contain the rightquality, quantity and content and itshould not be in wrong quality andquantity. It should be meet the needand expectation of the customer. Onthe other hand supply of goods andservices act 1982 states that all serviceswhich are purchase and sell in the UKshould be delivered within a specificperiod of time. This particular law isapplied on the time when good aretransferred from one place to anotheron behalf of some moneyconsideration.3.2 Explanation about consumer protection legislation in relation to travel and tourismcustomersIn the travel and tourism organization, customer or visitor plays a very crucialrole in order to attain the effective success s and profitability in the market. Inthe absence of customer, no tour operator can survive their business function inthe market and run their business. In order to meet the objective of theorganization, business unit needed to consider various customer related law andacts so as they can satisfy and loyal toward the organization. Following are somecustomer protection related legislation in the travel and tourism sector-Trades description act1968- This act have majorobjective is to protect thecustomer against the falsedescription of material ofproduct and services. Thisact of parliament of theunited kingdom whichprevents manufacturer,retailer and serviceindustry providers frommisleading consumers asto what they spendingtheir money on. If anyorganization describe thefalse description of goodand services to customerthen as per this actcustomer have right to sueor claim against thatparticular company.Consumer protection act 1987-This legislation of the customer inthe travel and tourism have majorobjective is to protect and keepsecure the customer as well astheir goods or stuff at the time oftraveling. If any kind of accidentor uncertain condition occurs atthe organization with customerthen it is great responsibility ofcompany to provide the remediesto that customer. In a simple wordit can be said that if with anyvisitor occurs any accidentthrough which they get highdamage of good or injured ordeath then it is responsibility ofthe travel and tour operator toprovide remedies and expenses.The package holidays andpackage tour regulation1992- This legislation ofcustomer in travel andtourism have major objectiveis to provide the rightinformation to the customerabout the tour operatorcompany, destination, prices,feature, terms and condition,contract, holiday packagefees, offers etc. As per thisact it is very important thatbroaches of the particularcompany should include alldetail and transparentinformation related to theholiday package relatedservices. In addition to thisvarious details regarding thetransportation, destination,complete package, extraservices should be render tothe customer.
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