The Writing Process: A Step-by-Step Guide


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The Writing Process
The Writing Process: A Step-by-Step Guide_1

The Writing ProcessAll the writers follow their distinct style writing process. There is no algorithm for the writers which can be used as a reference for writing (Van Waes et al., 2014). However, writers can identify or create their process of writing using the following steps.1.Prewriting and PlanningThis step involves the processes of identifying the idea, building on the idea either using free writing where the writers let their ideas flow out without caring for editing or through brainstorming on the idea using the computer.2.WritingWriters do not care about the grammar or word count in this step as the purpose of this step isto create a rough draft after completing all the planning. Writers consider this step as a free-writing exercise with little more direction (Van Waes et al., 2014).3.RevisionThis is the step where the major changes are brought about in the draft by the writer. At this stage, writers add all the necessary details so that the draft can make more sense, rearrange the paragraphs to ensure the flow, remove the unnecessary details to eliminate information overload and replace some parts of the draft after getting feedback from colleagues and friends. 4.EditingAt this stage, writers check for repetition, spelling, punctuations, clarity, and grammar. Editing is typically performed by the professionals.
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