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There are few formative activities listed below. Please revise and resubmit.Activity 4 Question 1 - Please focus your response on characteristics of effective guidelines relating to expectations for behavior. For example,effective guidelines are clear, fair and consistent, they teach children/ young people both what to do and what not to do in ways they can understand etc.Activity 6, Question 2 Comment: Good effort. Please focus your response on what non verbal strategy you will useActivity 6, Question 3 Comment: Good effort.Please revisit the question and answer accordingly.Activity 6, Question 5 Comment: Good effort, Please list examples like,‘Anthony you must not run on the concrete pathways outside. I know you slow down when you go there but you need to slow down more. If you do not you might fall over and hurt yourself.’Thank you.Activity 7, Question 4 Comment: Good effort, please include what you should do to protect other children.Activity 10, Question 1 Comment:Good effort, please write steps of goal setting process. Thank you.Activity 12, Question 2 Comment: Good effort, please discuss positive and negative aspects of different models (that is, why one model is better than another).Activity 13, Question 1 Comment:Good effort, please list questions you should ask?Activity 13, Question 2 Comment:Good effort, Please focus your response on What might happen if, when monitoring new strategies and recording the responses of the child, some staff are recording all instances of tantrums and other staff are only recording tantrums that lastmore than five minutes?Activity 14, Question 2 Comment:Good effort, please focus on what level of support might be needed in this situation? Explain.Please correct the mentioned below issues :1. LatenessOrder Number - 18102450744976You still need to complete questions as listed below. Could you please get them done ASAP?chcece007Formative Assessments
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“ Activity 3 Question 1Summative Assessment 1 - Question 2, 5,7,9chcece005Summative Assessment 1 - Question 4,10,12,13Summative Assessment 2 - Project 1chcece003Formative Assessments Activity 2 - Question 4" Activity 7 - Questiton 3Activity 11 - Question 1,Summative Assessment 1 Question 4,6Summative Assessment 2 - Project 1 - part 1chcprt001Formative Assessments - Activity 4 Question 1“ Activity 6 Question 1“ Activity 8 Question 1" Acitivity 11 Question 1Summative Assessment 1 - Question 8Summative Assessment 2 - Project 1I look forward to receiving your completed answers for the resubmission as per the following instructions.CHCECE012 Support children to connect with their worldThere are still a couple of activities for you to amend and resubmit.Question 4, 6,Question 4, Question 1 Comment:You have made a good effort here, I will have to ask you to resubmit your response making sure to answer the question withfocus on sustainability & what standard.Question 6, Question 1 Comment:You have made a good effort here, but I will have to ask you to expand a little further making sure to address the following &resubmit.use play to investigate, project and explore new ideasparticipate with others to solve problems and contribute to group outcomesconstructed environments
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explore, infer, predict and hypothesise in order to develop an increased understanding of the interdependence between land, people, plants and animalsCHCLEG001 Work legally and ethicallyThere is only one amendment for you to do now.Activity 9Activity 9, Question 1 Comment:Please refer to previous trainer comment.29%thebalancesmb.comhttps://www.thebalancesmb.com/what-is-a-conflict-of-interest-give-me-some-examples-398192CHCECE009 Use an approved learning framework to guide practiceThere is only one amendment for you to do now.Summative assessment 2Project 1, 1, Part 1Project 1, Question 1 Comment:please refer to previous trainer comment & create your own flyer & resubmit.CHCECE004 Promote and provide healthy food and drinksThere are a couple of amendments for you to make.Activity 3 q3, q4Activity 3, Question 3 Comment:Please re-submit your response making sure to use your own words.100%dayjob.comhttps://www.dayjob.com/content/safe-food-handling-1150.htmActivity 3, Question 4 Comment:Please re-submit your response making sure to use your own words.
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