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To, The Hon Benjamin Franklin MLC The Federal Member of the Legislative Council 154C Grey House – Sydney 10000167 Australia. 23 May,2018Title: To earn support and funds for the growth and the improvement for the StoryBoard project. Dear Mr. Franklin, It is my pleasure to inform that StoryBoard is a small institution established and created by the famous writer and authors in town. The reason to create this kind of institution is to encourage the students to learn and develop new skills and techniques within themselves. The students will feel happy to learn and develop creative writing style where they will be able to explain their dreams and experiences and share them with the other fellow writers, students etc. Another reason of running the project is to make students more responsible about their family, society and the country as whole. The students are motivated to learn new skills, abilities and knowledge so that they can perform better in their future. The project is also working hard to attract and retain more famous authors, teachers and educators so that they can help their initiative for the improvement of the society and the environment in general. The project even aims to provide new skills to children of the different age groups so that can gain confidence to showcase their talents to the whole world and earn good success andopportunity for their present and the future growth. However, the volunteers and the initiators are not able to help those students with better innovative techniques so that the latter can work hard to improve themselves. The firm cannot use the whole money for providing proper training as children have different understanding and progressing levels. The project should be given special permission so that it can move from one place to another in less time and provide better training and learning to the students of different age groups. So, it will be beneficial if the government declares the StoryBoard project with more funding so that both the financial as well as expenses can be managed while providing better training to the students. (not asking for money but to showing how much you have done so far with the funding and how successful the project has been)

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