Public Writing: Learning and Creative Skills with Children

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2512LHS Public WritingStudent name: Nguyen Le Ha Anh (Hannah)Student ID: S5074578Tutor name: Monique LewisAssignment #3: Reporting writing and PitchExecutive summary:The StoryBoard Project is developed by the organisers of the Byron Writer’s festival. Themain aim of the initiative project is to develop good learning as well as creative skills withthe children of different age groups. Another purpose of the project is to gather more fundsfor the government as well as the private organisations so that the students can be providedwith necessary essentials helping in the better development and growth. It also took theinitiative to increase the literacy and study rate within the country. However, the problem isto motivate students to study and write new things so that their creative as well as theleadership skills can develop.It is also difficult to maintain the financial budget of theorganisation as they are not able to use the whole amount of money for the betterment ofthe students and the society.So, the problem of maintaining the financial budget is directlyaddressed to the organisations and the people who donated their money. (too long) It isdifficult to motivate the students without using modern and innovative techniques.( don’twrite something negative) They may or may not feel encouraged in the absence of theproper guidance. Therefore, the outcomes are:-Various kinds of workshops should be done to attract and retain students byencouraging them to learn new skills.-The lack of skills and knowledge many stop students to identify new opportunitiesfor the future growth and development and gain good success.-The future of creative writing while writing novels, stories ... may deteriorate.-The financial loss may increase leading to stagnant literacy growth rate.(not detail)So, it can be recommended that educators, teachers as well as the college students shouldbe targeted as they also have good creative and learning skills. The workshops should beencouraging and attractivetoo.Project purpose:The StoryBoard is a project which is run by the leaders of the Byron Writer’s festival. Themain aim of the organisation is to conduct various kinds of workshops for the primary andsecondary school children. The workshops are conducted in various places on schoolpremises. Students are encouraged to learnnew skills and techniques(have to be detailed)as they will be able to increase their conceptual, creative as well as leadership skills. Anothermain purpose of the StoryBoard firm is to motivate the students to complete theireducation so that they are able to perform better and gain good success in both theirpersonal and professional life in the future. The third aim of the founders is to create and1
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