Topic 1. This topic details the business relationship a

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Topic 1This topic details the business relationship and the customer expectations upon which the strategies can be placed to make it effective associations. The various commercial, non-commercial acquisitions and the laws governing such as the FAR who can affect the strategies to make it an effective relationship.Topic 2Given the business environment which co-exists with the business, it is imperial to take into the consideration of the budget cuts and the government contracting. This is the solution by which the quality and the cost can be improved related to the product and services. This is also referred to as astrategic sourcing,Topic 3Assessment of the performance-based acquisition with a commercial and the non-commercial relationship set up. PBA, PWS, QASP which are associated with the service contract. FAR part 37 which governs service contracting (McKendrick , 2014).Topic 4Identification of the risk management, program cost, identification of managing risks which can help in the reducing risks within the government contracting.Topic 5This topic details the contract financing which details the acquisition strategy which covers contract financing. Acquisition process which describes the elements ofnon-commercial contract.Topic 6This topic describes the elements of the complex acquisition situation which determine the appropriate contractual arrangements which can support the customer needs.

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