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Tour Operator Industry | Assignment

Added on -2019-12-04

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Tour Operator1
TASK 1With changes in attitude and preferences of people living in society, travel andtourism industry has been facing a rapid growth in the overall market (Xiang, Magnini andFesenmaier, 2015). There are different types of developments that are taking place in theentire industry and affecting the operations of tourism sector that is expansion of cruisemarket, emergence of e-commerce, change in trends in holidays, etc. The recent trends anddevelopments on tour operator industry is emergence of e-commerce that positively andnegatively impact the overall industry. Positive impact of emergence of e-commerce is thatassists customers in booking their travel services by their own (Sigala, Christou and Gretzel,2012). Another positive impact of using e-commerce is that it is conveniently in use as wellas it is also less costly for the organization that are operating in the tourism sector. On theother hand, negative impact of e-commerce is that it might result in arising security issues.Another disadvantage of e-commerce is that it avoid the privacy of the individual informationthat results loss of personal information of customers while booking services via internetplatform. TASK 2Along with this, Tour Operator must focus on different stages that are involved increating holiday packages which are like-Market research- The foremost step in creating holiday is conducting market researchthat is reviewing different destinations that tour operators should plan in theirpackages for their customers to make them have pleasant and leisure visits (Sparks,Bradley and Jennings, 2011). Planning and scheduling- Another step in developing the holiday include planningand scheduling of activities related with destination that is transportation route,accommodation facilities, sight-seeing activities, etc. Forecasting- After that, tour operator will forecast the actual financial as well astechnological resources that would be used in developing the holiday package. Contracting- Another step in developing holiday include contract with differentagents as well as hospitality organization so that they can make arrangements for thecustomers for having leisure and luxurious stay (Telfer and Sharpley, 2015). 2

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