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Task 11.1 Analyse the effects of current and recent trends and developments on the tour operator’s industry.Travel and tourism industry is growing fast in the present scenario and is providing luxury facilities to its clients to grow their attention. As this industry is most important in increasing the revenue of the country so it has a lot of attention of clients and government as well. In the current and recent trends and development tour operates need to emphasize on innovative technology so it can attract many people. It is essential for the tour operators to develop their tour packages and services and look after the needs of the customers. Following are the current and recent trends of the tour operations industry - Types of tour operatorsOnline marketing is the fastest rising trend inthe market and thus each and everybusiness is focusing into entering in thismarketing. With the help of current trendand development it assures in saving time ofthe customers and are easily approachable.In the current trends, the government needs tofocus on the new provisions as airport facilities .It attracts the number of customers so that theycan prefer to travel through airlines. Hence, itincreases the demand of tourism and travelindustry.In today's scenario many business are entering intoonline marketing and selling as it is convenience andbeneficial. Thus, it makes easier for them to providetour packages online and suggest customer to buytickets and packages at the convenient andaffordable cost.In context to all these the Thomas cook need to provide qualityservices to their clients in order to retain them for longer term within business.
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