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INTRODUCTIONTravel and tourism sector in the recent world is considered to be the most vibrant industryand it is basically dependent on leisure travelers. Today, it is the fastest growing industry in thecurrent market which also contributes huge amount of resources in economic development of thenation. Travel and tourism sector is regarded as developed industry as there are several serviceprovisions integrated into it which enhances its values and effectiveness (Weaver, 2015). Thepresent research study has been made on Thomas Cook which provides several services to thecustomers according to their specifications and demands. Thus, in such context, researcher hashighlighted the impact of recent trends and developmental aspects in travel and tourism industry.Similarly, discussion has also been made on categories of contracting for different components ofholiday packages. This is directly related to travel and tour agents. Various methods of promotingtour packages have been discussed in the study. In the last section, researcher has stated the need oftactical, operational and managerial decisions on travel and tour operations. TASK 1 UNDERSTAND THE TOUR OPERATORS INDUSTRY WITHIN THETRAVEL AND TOURISM SECTOR1.1 Analyzing the effect of current and recent trends and development of on the tour operatorsindustryTravel and tourism sector is able to derive attention from the customers as well as from theruling bodies as it highly contributes in economic development of the nation. In order to managebusiness services in an effective manner, it is essential for Thomas Cook to emphasize ontechnology and other aspects (Petia and Peter, 2014). Organization like Thomas Cook should haveto arrange suitable packages for the customers according to their requirements and necessities. Thiscould help the business to enhance the level of growth and success. Several hotel that are workingon larger scale have established their business in European market which further also augments theprobabilities of growth and success; thus as a result, Thomas Cook also has to consider this aspectin the current package. This will also assist the company to administer all the business aspects asper external market place.The impact of recent developments have been stated as follows:The trend of e-commerce has been changing and all the business entities are getting inonline business management for making the service provision more convenient andeffective. This is essential from customer satisfaction aspect and at the same time, it canhelp in managing service delivery dimensions (Novelli, 2005). At the same time, customerretention and satisfaction are another benefits that can be acquired through this. Onlineservices are effective for the customers as they can get services anytime whenever they wantand this also reduces their investment level. At the same time, online services also assists the

customers to get services in effective manner with discounted prices and schemes. Hence, asa result, this can encourage company's segmentation. There should be new provisions for airport amenities so that people can conveniently travelto different places from airline services (Mehmetoglu, 2004). As a result, it will assist inenhancing demand for tourism services. All the customers are entering into online selling of products because of the conveniencebenefit. Therefore, while traveling from one place to another, Thomas Cook should ensure toprovide several benefits to the clients in order to bring reductions in the cost oftransportation. Most of the clients of Thomas Cook are deriving products and services fromonline sources and this enhances customer base of the company. People are using internetsources not only for deriving information, but also reservations can be made through suchsource (Mehmetoglu and Normann, 2013). Hence, evaluating the discussion, it has beenfound that the dependency of travelers is decreasing in the area of tourism services.In UK, recent trends and innovative developments have been on the priority list of tourismindustry. Hence, more focus has been laid on these aspects in order to provide the clientswith a number of choices. Online services has been increased to a higher extent; thus peopleprefer to buy the same services to a higher extent. Significantly, tourism services areencouraged because all the tour operators provide information to the clients through onlinesources (Mehmetoglu and Normann, 2013). They also render schemes, discounts andcoupons for the existing services; thus most of the time, it proves to be successful inincreasing the demand for various services of tourism. Another with the aspects discussed above, another benefit of market changes in tourismindustry is related to customer satisfaction. In order to retain the existing client, it is must forthe organizations to provide them with superior quality of services. Meanwhile, anotherimportant element that has come into consideration is the ability of companies to obtainclient feedbacks through online services (Manente, 2000). This is significantly helpful inidentifying the weak areas and improving them.Besides this, customer satisfaction ratio canalso be increased to a higher extent. Hence, from the above discussion, it is evident that travel and tourism sector needs to bemore updated so that accurate and relevant information can be delivered to the clients. In thepresent scenario, businesses operating in travel and tourism industry has also started deliveringonline services to their clients. Furthermore, with the use of internet and other online medium touroperators such as Thomas cook advertise promote and sale their tour packages. On the other side ofthis, businesses such as Cox&KIngs has developed their official website from where they displayonline products and service and deliver the same. Online services are also very effective in

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