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Travel Application Development Project

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Added on  2019-09-16

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Travel Application Development Project_1
Work Breakdown StructureLevel 1Level 2Level 3TravelApplicationDevelopment Project 1.1 Project Charter1.1.1 Business Case Outline1.1.2 Problem and Goal Statement1.1.3 Team Structure Outline1.1.4 Scope Description and Definition1.1.5 Schedule of Task and Activities1.1.6 Key Milestone Documentation1.2 Customer Requirement Document1.2.1Functional Requirements1.2.2 Non-Functional Requirements1.2.3General Description1.2.4Data, Resource, and Project1.2.5Travel Service Requirements1.3 Travel Application Design Document1.3.1 Use Case Diagrams1.3.2 Front End Design1.3.3 Back End Design1.4 Front End Implementation1.4.1 HTML and CSS component1.4.2 Content Update1.4.3 Testing1.5 Back End Implementation1.5.1 Customer Access Implementation1.5.2 Content Update1.5.3 Service Customization Back1.5.4 Ambiance Customization Backend1.5.5 Ticket Confirmation Feature Addition1.5.6 Hotel Confirmation Feature Addition 1.5.7 Metro and City maps Feature Addition1.5.8 Information regarding local restaurants and store1.5.9 Information regarding exchange rate1.6 Testing1.6.1 Unit Testing1.6.2 Integration Testing1.6.3 User Acceptance Testing
Travel Application Development Project_2
1.6.4 Testing Documentation1.7 Payment Gateway Implementation1.7.1 Payment Gateway Identification1.7.2 Integration Testing1.8 Post Implementation Risk Mitigation1.8.1 Contingency Plan1.8.2 Corrective Measure1.8.3 Risk Document Signoff1.9 Project Closure1.9.1 Final Sponsor Meeting1.9.2 Closure Party
Travel Application Development Project_3

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