Travel & Tourism Services | Demand & Supply Assignment

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The TravelandTourism Sector1
Task 1: “Structure & History of the Travel and Tourism Sector,1.1 “Explain key historical developments in the travel and tourism industry,1.2 “Explain the structure of the travel and tourism industry,1.2 The structure of travel and tourism sector can be divided into the following parts:Transport- This section of travel and tourism sector includes the means that are involved in taking people from one place to another. These include coach operators, car- hire businesses, airlines and airports, railway network etc. Tour operators- This sector works towards combining the various elements that make up a holiday. Hence, this sector is involved in selling holiday packages to the customers. Travel agents- these carry out the activities related to providing advice and information to the tour operators. They are also involved in administering bookings for the tour operators. Attractions- Attractions act as an appeal to the inbound as well as domestic tourism market. These include natural and man- made attractions. 3
Accommodation- travel and tourism industry has different types of accommodation namely gust accommodation, youth hostels, hotels, campus, holiday parks and campsites etc. Ancillary services- This comprises of the ancillary services that are in the public sector.4

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