Tutorial Activities for workbook- Financial Management

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TUTORIALACTIVITY WORKBOOKWORKBOOK 2 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENTOn completion of Tutorial Activities for workbook 2 Financial Management, please email directly to yourLecturer/Assessor. This workbook containing Activity 13 to 23, must be completed, as an essential component of your assessment plan,and is required to be completed before you sit your final exam assessment.Please note that areas in green are for assessors onlyNo part of this workbook may be reproduced by photocopying or any other means without written permission from theAustralasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science.
AACDS WORKBOOK COVERSHEETPlease submit to your AACDS lecturer.Student’s NameLaShai HowardUnit 1.4 Practice Management and Administration Course(Please select)10510NATAdvanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science 52709WAGraduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing 52707WAGraduate Diploma of Dermal Therapies 51107WADiploma of Management (Medispa Practice)AACDS ASSESSMENT POLICYAssessments Marked “Competent” or “Not Yet Competent”:1.Must be completed by the due date specified in the student manual for each corresponding unit.2.If a student fails to meet the due date as specified, this may incur additional fees to extend unit access. 3.If a student consistently achieves “Not Yet Competent” and demonstrates poor performance in all assessments, AACDS reserves the right to terminate the student’s enrolment for the corresponding unit.Graded Assessments/Exams: 1.Must be completed by the due date specified in the student manual for each corresponding unit.2.A student will have the opportunity to resit a failed assessment, however on the second attempt the pass mark will increase by 10%.3.If a student fails on the second attempt, the student must re-enrol into the failed unit at the current full-feeGRA DE (IFAP P LICA BLE): Competent Not Yet Competent Please Resubmit this Assessment by: ASSE SSME NT FE E DBA CKFRO M LE CTU RE R:CO MP LE T IO NO FA LLT UT O RIA LA CT IVIT IE S: Yes NoRE CO MME NDAT IO NT OSITFINA LE XA M Yes NoASSE SSO RS SIG NAT U RE:DA T E:AUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 2.0 2Data/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 2
ACTIVITY13RESOURCE LISTStudents need to consider a detailed costing of all the equipment and resources (machinery, furniture, equipment including stock) that their virtual medispa will need to acquireto operate. It is recommended that students obtain real world quotes to ensure their resource list is as accurate as possible in its reflection of resource costs. Yes NoEquipmentCostFurnishingsCostSuppliesCostUltraceuticals Microdermabrasion machine $6,000.00Reception desk & chair $800.00Disposable gloves $100.00Microderbrasion Machine $3,000.00Chairs $400.00Fibrella facial wipes $100.00Magi lamps $1,000.00Stools $300.00Paper (consultation forms) $60.00Safety glasses $300.00Sofa $300.00Pens, folders & other stationery items $250.00Omniflux LED machine $30,000.00Coffee machine $150.00Alcohol pads$150.00IPL Machine$33,000.00Aesthetic bed$2,000.00Bed protector rolls $150.00Needling Machine$3,000.00Computers $3,000.00Disposable razors$60.00Ultrasonophoresis Machine$1,300.00Printer$250.00Cotton tips$30.00Hot towel cabby$500.00Mirror $100.00Tissues$30.00POS System/hardware $360.00Towels$300.00Paper Towel$45.00Television $2,000.00Fridge/freezer$400.00Cleanser$127.60Laminator $230.00Microwave$120.00Moisturiser$155.70Phone$120.00Coffee Table$200.00Eye Cream$155.70Reveal skin scanner$3,750.00Lockers$350.00Exfoliant$155.70Camera$400.00Table (staff room)$100.00Vitamin A Serum$175.70Total $$84,960.00Total $$8,770.00Total $$1,745.40Assessor’s comments AUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 2.0 3Data/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook2
ACTIVITY 14.ONGOING COSTSIn activity 14 students are asked to consider when further assets (resources, equipment, and machinery, not including stock) will need to be introduced (for expansion purposes)or replaced - estimate what the relevant replacement/additional costs will be over three years. Consider also maintenance costs and consumables. It is again recommended thatstudents obtain as many real world quotes as possible to ensure their resource additions/replacement list is as accurate as possible in its reflection of resource costs. Yes NoScheduleofassetsto be purchasedoverthe nextthreeyearsAssetCost Yr.1AssetCostYr.2AssetCostYr.3Computer$3,000.00Computer $200.00Computer$300.00Omnilux LED machine $30,000.00Omnilux$0.00Omnilux$0.00Towels $500.00Towels$100.00Towels$200.00Woods lamps $1,600.00Woods lamps$0.00Woods lamp$50.00Reception desk & other furniture $1,000.00Reception desk & furniture$200.00Reception desk & furniture$100.00Aesthetic beds$2,000.00Aesthetic bed$0.00Aesthetic bed$1,000.00Microdermabrasion machine$14,000.00Microdermabrasion machine$50.00Microdermabrasion machine$50.00Microdermabrasion wands$1,600.00Microdermabrasion wands$800.00Microdermabrasion wands$800.00Computer software $1,600.00Computer softare$400.00Computer software$400.00Computer system$3,000.00Computer system$200.00Computer system$200.00Ultrasonophoresis$670.00Ultrasonophoresis$100.00Ultrasonophoresis$670.00IPL/Laser system$33,000.00IPL/Laser system $200.00IPL/Laser system$200.00Camera$400.00Camera$0.00Camera memory card$100.00Needling Machine$3,000.00Needles/kit$300.00Needles/kit$300.00Total$$95,370.00Total$$2,550.00Total$$4,370.00Assessor’s comments AUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 2.0 4Data/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook2
ACTIVITY 15 TO 19 BASIC BOOKKEEPINGStudents are asked to complete basic book-keeping activities. Though the exercises are simple, to achieve competencystudents are required to demand accuracy, which is the main outcome the task seeks to test. As in any accounting activity if any items are not accounted for appropriately errors will occur that can be costly and time consuming to resolve. You will need to embellish details as you see fit e.g. get cheque details from bank statements. ACTIVITY 15PETTY CASHQuestion 1 Yes NoComplete the Petty Cash Worksheet below Instructions:You have a $100 float in your petty cash tin. Use the purchases listed below to reconcile your petty cash.Milk$ 1.95Magazine$10.95Stamps$ 4.00Courier$ 7.50Cotton pads$ 5.30Petty Cash Book MarchDateQtyItemPurchased fromCreditDebitCashOpening balance$ 100.001/2/171Milk$ 1.95$98.05$1.9510/2/171Magazines$10.95$87.10$10.9515/2/175Stamps$ 4.00$83.10$4.0016/2/171Courier$ 7.50$75.60$7.5028/2/172Cotton pads$ 5.30$70.30$5.30Total for month$29.70$29.70Assessor’s comments AUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 2.0 5Data/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 2
Question 2 Yes NoA cheque is then written out to bring the petty cash float back up to $100.00. How much will this cheque be written out for? Bank of Western AustraliaDate:1-Mar-17Pay: Vertual Medi Spaor bearerAmount: Twenty nine dollars & seventy cents$ 29.70Signature:LaShai HowardChq No. 000 108Assessor’s comments AUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 2.0 6Data/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 2

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