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TUTORIAL ACTIVITY WORKBOOKPART B – LIGHT–BASED THERAPIES AND IPL/LASER SAFETY OFFICERS CERTIFICATEThis tutorial activity workbook consists of 8 activities relating to each lecture of unit 1.1. Dermal ScienceTheory, part B – Light-Based Therapies and IPL/Laser Safety Officer This workbook has to be completed and submitted to your assessor PRIOR to completing the part B examPlease click in the shaded areas to answer the questions.Please note that areas in green are for assessors onlyNo part of this manual may be reproduced by photocopying or any other means without written permission from theAustralasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science.

AACDS WORKBOOK COVERSHEETPlease submit to your AACDS lecturer.Student’s NameUnit 1.1 Dermal Science Theory, part B – Light-Based Therapies and IPL / Laser Safety OfficerCourse(Please select)10510NATAdvanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science 52709WAGraduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing 52707WAGraduate Diploma of Dermal Therapies AACDS ASSESSMENT POLICYAssessments Marked “Competent” or “Not Yet Competent”:1.Must be completed by the due date specified in the student manual for each corresponding unit.2.If a student fails to meet the due date as specified, this may incur additional fees to extend unit access. 3.If a student consistently achieves “Not Yet Competent” and demonstrates poor performance in all assessments, AACDS reserves the right to terminate the student’s enrolment for the corresponding unit.Graded Assessments/Exams: 1.Must be completed by the due date specified in the student manual for each corresponding unit.2.A student will have the opportunity to resit a failed assessment, however on the second attempt the pass mark will increase by 10%.3.If a student fails on the second attempt, the student must re-enrol into the failed unit at the current full-feeGRADE (IFAPPLICABLE): Competent Not Yet Competent Please Resubmit this Assessment by: ASSESSMENT FEEDBACKFROM LECTURER:COMPLETIONOFALLTUTORIALACTIVITIES: Yes NoRECOMMENDATIONTOSITFINALEXAM Yes NoASSESSORS SIGNATURE:DATE:AUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 1.0 2

TUTORIAL ACTIVITY 1 - ABSORPTION COEFFICIENT GRAPHAnswer the following question using the Coefficient graph below:Question 1 Yes NoAnswer true or false to the following statements:Statement 500nm is a longer wavelength than 900nm.Select true / false500nm will penetrate the skin deeper than 900nmSelect true / falseMelanin absorption will occur no matter what IPL handpiece is usedSelect true / falseYou can target blood vessels without targeting melaninSelect true / falseQuestion 2 Yes NoDoes a Ruby Laser treat blood vessels?Question 3 Yes NoAn IPL handpiece that emits 500nm to 670nm would target which chromophores?Assessor’s comments AUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 1.0 3Data/Curriculum/Unit 1.1 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook Part B

Question 4 Yes NoWithin the visible light spectrum, which colour has the greatest depth of penetration into the skin?Question 5 Yes NoBriefly explain why longer wavelengths are used for hair reduction?Question 6 Yes NoWater absorption will decease or enhance tissue penetration?Question 7 Yes NoIndicate at which nanometer range are the various lights covered.VisibleUltravioletInfraredQuestion 8 Yes NoCan IPL cause skin cancer? (Please explain your answer, referring to the Ionising and Non-Ionising Radiation handout).Question 9 Yes NoWhich of the following chromophores has the shortest TRT and therefore, would require a shorter pulse width?HairMedium sized vesselMelanin (melanosome)Question 10 Yes NoIn your own words, briefly discuss why Fitzpatrick skin types IV+ are at a greater risk of burning with IPL and laser.Assessor’s comments AUSTRALASIAN ACADEMY OF COSMETIC DERMAL SCIENCE ©2015Version 1.0 4

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