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WEB Design & AuthoringBig Project 28/12/20161.Project profile :A web application of on-line book seller ( or other things like food, toy, ..., you can make yourown decision on the what this application sells) is to be constructed, which consists of threeparts:a)CLIENT HTML, the User Interface with information as followingi.HTML title: “ Welcome to our book seller”ii.Head of level 2: “You are welcome”iii.A form to collect the customer’s name, e-mail address, phone number, address,zip, so that the order will be delivered to the given address. Also the “paymentmethod”(cash, check, credit card) will be selected with a radio group or a select. iv. Inside the form, there is also a table to show the book information, includingbook_id, book_name, book_category, book_price, book_balance. Each bookfollowed by a button “buy it”, by clicking which , one of the respective book willbe added to the customer’s order.v.Submit and cancel buttons should be included in the form, too.b)A mysql database “bookOrder.db” will be constructed or connected (by using php).Three tables are inserted, one is for the customer information, one is for thebook information, the other is for the order information.The book information is inserted into the book table.c)SERVER PHP, the form processing script so that 1.The customer’s information is inserted into the customer table if this is a newcustomer.2.The order will be constructed according to what the customer has submittedand inserted into the order table.ii.The order details will be returned to the customer in a new web Page. 2.Run your client and server documents with correct apache/mysql server. Some screenshotsshould be required for the report doc.3.Code and Report Doc with your explanation should be submitted. 40%, zero if noexplanation.4.The lab report is due on 10/1/2017.

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