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Whiteness Theory and Racism in Australia

This assignment is divided into two parts. Part 1 requires online contributions on the topics covered in the unit, while Part 2 requires a critical reflection. The total length of the assignment is 2000 words.

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Added on  2023-06-03

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This literature review discusses the theory of whiteness and its impact on racism in Australia. It also highlights the complexities and contradictions related to the theory and its connection to nation, power, and difference.

Whiteness Theory and Racism in Australia

This assignment is divided into two parts. Part 1 requires online contributions on the topics covered in the unit, while Part 2 requires a critical reflection. The total length of the assignment is 2000 words.

   Added on 2023-06-03

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Whiteness Theory and Racism in Australia_1
Part 1: Online Contributions
The online contribution is related to the theory of whiteness that illustrates the concept of
providing privileged treatment to a group of individuals belonging to the normalized
circumstance. The theory of whiteness illustrates providing undue advantage to the individuals
who have white skin color that also acts as their property. This undue benefit exists as far as the
whiteness theory is concerned. There are multiple authors who have put forward their concern
regarding the rise in racism that has been taking place against the indigenous individuals who
have been working in the education sector in Australia. As the education sector in Australia deals
with intellectual individuals, racism has turned out to be increasingly visible. This has helped to
reflect on the delivery pangs that have been related to undue preferences during normalized
circumstances. As a result, the assignment deals with a literature review that solely reflects on
the issues related to racism at diverse level in Australia. It has also been referred to as the
sophisticated racism. On the other hand, the Australian society has been turning out to be more
developed as far as acceptance of particular social norms is concerned. Although the overall
racism rate has been decreasing rapidly due to increase in the education level however, the
normalized circumstances in the Australian society have been witnessing the issue related to
racism. The skin color has been regarded as the token of supremacy that has been prevailing
largely in the Australian society. The theory of whiteness analyzes the ways in which language
as well as symbols are organized that indicates that whiteness has been framed as the preferred
state of being.
Part 2: Critical Reflection
A brief overview of the online discussion
The online discussion reflects on the theory of whiteness that describes the concept of the
preferential treatment to a group of individuals. I have realized that the study of whiteness deals
with a reading of history as well as it impact on the present. I believe it is an interdisciplinary
arena of inquiry, which indicates a social arrangement, which provides undue privilege to some
individuals. I have critically realized that the whiteness theory seek to analyze the construction as
well as moral inferences of whiteness (Walter, Taylor and Habibis, 2011). The online discussion
Whiteness Theory and Racism in Australia_2
reflects on the fact that the Australian society has been turning into a more advanced one thus
being able to accept certain social norms that are more tolerant while learning from the mistakes
of the past. It has been critically analyzed that racism is embedded deeply in the Australian
society as individuals who do not deliberately accept racist views act out the racist practices.
While going through the online discussion, I have realized that racism is likely to exists when the
overriding theme is not race or biological genetics, however the insurmountability of cultural
dissimilarities. I have comprehended that racism is a waste of human resources that divides as
well as prevents from participating in the realization of a new culture. The online discussion
clearly articulates that diminishing racism down the street requires using racial smears in order to
determine whether or not the country is racist (Walter, Taylor and Habibis, 2011). The theme
that is related to online discussion deals with the fact that racism takes place under the
normalized circumstances of the society and is still out of the quantification. I have
acknowledged the fact that in Australia racism is regarded as the token of superiority as the
practice majorly takes place in Australia. I have realized that Australia includes a long history
regarding racism that has mostly taken place since the European settlement that has targeted the
country. The theme regarding this discussion states that being white is not an aspect of skin color
however, it involves both social as well as political considerations.
Uncovered Issues
The uncovered issues that have not been reflected in the online discussion deals with
ethnocentrism. As a result, the online discussion has not been able to reflect on the true status of
Indigenous Australians. This led to lack of knowledge regarding the health as well as
community-minded individuals living in Australia. The discussion has not been able to provide
the root of the racist attitudes in this country that has been rooted in the long relationship
between Government and Church. This in turn did not withstand the theoretical division of
powers. The societal behavior as well as attitude of the individuals living in Australia towards
the Aboriginals has not been displayed in the online discussion. The corrupt relationship between
two institutions such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander has not been covered in the online
discussion. This also did not reflect a complete total destruction that mostly deemed Torres Strait
Islander individuals as well as Aboriginals (Banerjee and Tedmanson, 2010). The online
discussion also did not reflect on the media that stated about indigenous individuals. The
discussion as a result, has not provided any propagation of stereotypes that has been regarded as
Whiteness Theory and Racism in Australia_3

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