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Work Environment- ECOLAB Pty Limited

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Added on  2020-02-18

Work Environment- ECOLAB Pty Limited

   Added on 2020-02-18

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ECOLAB PTY LTD, WEEK 4 AUGUST 2017Work EnvironmentECOLAB Pty Limited Is a company that focus on environmental cleanness. It has performed very well in the provision of clean water, hygiene and energy that supports food production, energy generation, healthcare sustainability, industrial and hospitality support. In that case, it manufactures, distributes and markets detergents, germicides, pesticides and other materials that are needed to clean the environmental elements. It also seems to be working towards improving the health status of their customers all over the world. The work environment of ECOLAB Company is environmental friendly. The company desires to become the world’s leader in the provision of clean and environmental friendly water, hygiene, health and energy technologies and services. ECOLAB hopes for the technological developments to improve its performance and success.Role of an AccountantTo add value to the company’s financial status by giving new financial ideas especially possible investment opportunitiesTo always enquire about the company’s financial status and performance whenever the records are nor clearIs responsible for bringing different methods of utilizing the company’s funds and gain profitShould make sure that the problems involving the company’s financial records are solvedeffectively and efficientlyTake care of all the financial needs of the supply chain department and account for themTo reach out to other different accountants (in the same company but different locations) for expertise advices and referralsTo account for all financial resource usageRecord and document all accounts payable and receivables for the companyManage the company’s financial resources effectively and efficiently
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