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INTRODUCTION Human resource is the most essential factor of any organisation. It plays an importantrole in recruiting new employee to accomplish different tasks which are assigned by anorganisation. HR manager of any organisation implements different approaches of leadershipstyles which help them to regulate employee in order to perform different operations of firm. It isresponsibility of HR manager to conduct various training sessions to improve skills andknowledge of employee (Barrow and Mosley, 2011). This aids to achieve gaols and objectives oforganisation. Human Resource Management (HRM) of organisation put its efforts in order toaccomplish different operations in stipulated time period. UPS Company deals with delivery andpackaging of parcel from one place to another. During providing service to its loyal customer, itfaces lots of issues and challenge by its rivals. HR manager put its efforts in order to providebetter service to its customer and take initiative steps to compete with its rivals companies inmarketplace. TASK 11.1 Documentation for recruitment and selection process for the new staffMain aim of this organisation is to keep and gather the entire information on differentemployees working in organisation who are engaged in delivery of parcels. For accomplishingservice in an effective manner, HR manager of UPS organisation should prepare a database ofemployee. It is easy to assign various types of task to its employees. It also helps in recruitingnew employee as per the requirement of work capabilities in organisation. Best methods to beselected for new recruitment within an organisation (Boone, 2015). specific job description isbeing carried out by organisation which is mentioned as below: There are different vacant post in UPS organisation: Departments: Hub, Team Leader, Managers of station, Back office, Field executive and thirdmile delivery.Reports to: Upper level authorities and HR manager Salary: It is based on skills and capabilities of new individuals. Role of job: to deliver parcel and package from one hub to another and also to customerdestination.Duties and responsibilities:
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Punctual and collect parcels. Give status report of parcel to HR manager. Receive money from the client and make accurate report. PERSONAL INFORMATION Applicant needs to have knowledge regarding delivering of parcel in effective manner. Have good communication skills to interact with customer.Qualification:Minimum graduate pass Good knowledge of accounting managementSkills: Solve issues which are raised by customer in short time periodKeep record of cash collectionExperience:One year experience Document require at the time of joining Highest degree certificate Any other certificate Photos Driving license Id proof 1.2 Impact of Regulatory, Legal and Ethical considerations for recruitment and selection processSelection and hiring of candidate is based on as per the direction of given by upper levelof management of UPS organisation (Daines and Veitch, 2012). UK government implementsome acts in order to maintain transparency in the execution of selection process. The Equality Act 2010: The main objective of this law is to maintain transparency inselection process and make no discrimination in male and female candidates.Equal Pay Act 1970: This act concerned on to give equal pay for equal post. Thereshould be no discrimination of pay on the basis of gender.Race relation Act 1976: The major objective of this act is todo not discriminate amongemployees on the basis of their cast, religion, sex and colour. This act is beneficial for workers
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