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Can a leader change the culture in the complex organization? Why?IntroductionIn the company, the leader tends to play a very significant role. In this context, it isexamined that it is with the help of leader only; a firm is able to accomplish its goals andobjectives within the given specified time limit in an effectual way. AnalysisFrom the given thing, it can be said that yes leader does can change the culture of thecomplex organization. This is due to the fact that a leader possesses very good influential power.According to the viewpoint of Corfield & Paton (2016), a leader is very well known for itsinfluential power. This power enables leader in the process to change the current behavior ofemployees and direct them in the right direction. Here, with the help of respective power leadercan make other people understand the benefits of bringing the cultural change in the complexorganization. Thus, it is by complying with the given type of activity only a significant change inthe culture of a complex firm can be brought. In addition to this, the leader also plays the role ofchange agent. Thus, with an aim to bring the culture change in the complex organization it makesuse of the approach like Kurt Lewin change management model. 1

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