XAMPP For Windows Operating System Assignment

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InstallationTo install the unit the following steps are followed. But, there are prerequisites which are required for the application to run successfully.PrerequisitesThe prerequisites are;The computer must be running an apache web server which can be installed using XAMPP of WAMPP for windows operating system. Installation does not require any databases so after installing XAMPP or WAMPP you’re supposed to start the apache module only.Alternatively, the application can be installed on a public web server which requires you to buy ahost from a web hosting account like Hostgator.To run the application the following steps are followed.Locate the location of your apache web server files. Typically after installing XAMPP or WAMPP the location is usually C://xampp/htcdocsCopy the application folder in the location specified above. The folder name can be named as ecommerceTo run the application open a web browser like Mozilla Firefox and on the link bar type browser will open the index page of the application which is index.php and since there no user session exists the application will by default display the user section from where the user is supposed to be created by logging in.Use the username and password to login. If the username is incorrect the application will displayan error message with message invalid username or password. If the username and password are authenticated successfully the application will display the username of the user and a link to log out from the application then a cart with an empty cart button and a list of all the products.The user is supposed to click on a product to add it to the cart. When the product is added the cart total price is updated. Every product added to the cart is added with a remove button which the user can use to remove the button from the cart. When the remove button is pressed for a specified product, the product is removed from the cart and the cart total price is deducted the amount of the removed product.

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