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Year 0 Foundation.

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Year 0 FoundationEnglish Academic Skills 1 Assessment 2: Essay “Vodafone Group PLC (Vodafone) is a mobile communications company operating in nearly 30 countriesand around 50 partner networks worldwide. Vodafone has allowed its employees to Bring-your-own-device (BYOD)policy and have encouraged using theirpersonalsmart devices, such as smart phones,tablets, notebooks and laptops to access enterprise data and systems. Vodafone believes that this policynot only helps to Increase productivity and reduced costs but entails implementation challenges as well. Ifnot fully understood and regulated, it can threaten IT security and put a company's sensitive businesssystems at risk. In the light of above, discuss the following:Important factors to consider before implementationChallenges of BYOD to IT network Write a 500-word essay provided a reference list to demonstrate sources of academic reading (minimum three) that you have been able to do to support your arguments in your essay. This should follow conventions of the Harvard referencing system (use Roehampton Harvard referencing guide, Business department). Cite sources appropriately in text. Submission: via Turnitin by 2pm on Monday 5th December Use material from Business Essentials module plus any other relevant academic sources.

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