Crashing and Overtime Scheduling in a Project


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1.Task NameDurationStartFinishPredecessorsEarly StartEarly FinishCriticalFree Slack/FloatLaunchProject16 daysThu 22-12-16Wed 12-04-17Thu 22-12-16Wed 12-04-17Yes0 wks A3 wksThu 22-12-16Wed 11-01-17Thu 22-12-16Wed 11-01-17Yes0 wks B5 wksThu 12-01-17Wed 15-02-172Thu 12-01-17Wed 15-02-17Yes0 wks C3 wksThu 12-01-17Wed 01-02-172Thu 12-01-17Wed 01-02-17No0 wks D1 wkThu 02-02-17Wed 08-02-174Thu 02-02-17Wed 08-02-17No1 wk E3 wksThu 16-02-17Wed 08-03-173Thu 16-02-17Wed 08-03-17No4 wks F4 wksThu 16-02-17Wed 15-03-173,5Thu 16-02-17Wed 15-03-17Yes0 wks G2 wksThu 02-02-17Wed 15-02-174Thu 02-02-17Wed 15-02-17No4 wks H3 wksThu 16-03-17Wed 05-04-177,8Thu 16-03-17Wed 05-04-17Yes0 wks I1 wkThu 06-04-17Wed 12-04-176,9Thu 06-04-17Wed 12-04-17Yes0 wks
Crashing and Overtime Scheduling in a Project_1

The result above has been taken from the MS Project. It cannot begin earlier than first day of the project. It will take more than 12 weeks to complete the project. A, B, H, F, and I are critical activities Slacks are available in D (1 week), E (4 weeks), and G (4 weeks).2. Task NameDurationStartFinishPredecessorsEarly StartEarly FinishCriticalFree Slack/FloatLaunchProject13 wksThu 22-12-16Wed 22-03-17Thu 22-12-16Wed 22-03-17Yes0 wks A2 wksThu 22-12-16Wed 04-01-17Thu 22-12-16Wed 04-01-17Yes0 wks B4 wksThu 05-01-17Wed 01-02-172Thu 05-01-17Wed 01-02-17Yes0 wks C1 wkThu 05-01-17Wed 11-01-172Thu 05-01-17Wed 11-01-17No0 wks D1 wkThu 12-01-17Wed 18-01-174Thu 12-01-17Wed 18-01-17No2 wks E3 wksThu 02-02-17Wed 22-02-173Thu 02-02-17Wed 22-02-17No3 wks F4 wksThu 02-02-17Wed 01-03-173,5Thu 02-02-17Wed 01-03-17Yes0 wks G1 wkThu 12-01-17Wed 18-01-174Thu 12-01-17Wed 18-01-17No6 wks H2 wksThu 02-03-17Wed 15-03-177,8Thu 02-03-17Wed 15-03-17Yes0 wks
Crashing and Overtime Scheduling in a Project_2

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