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Assignment On Social Network's Advantages & Disadvantages

Added on -2019-09-25

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1Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Social Networks in Business- A literature ReviewIntroductionThe social networks have been providing a new paradigm for communicating as well as empowering the people towards networking beyond their geographical proximity and its confines. According to Wang (2008), the online social networking has been seen to move from being called as the niche phenomenon to the mass adoption. Various methods have been presented by the social media like the user-sponsored blogs, social networking, company-sponsored websites, multimedia sites, podcasts and collaborative websites etc. On the similar grounds, Hastings (2013) stated that in terms of the business perspectives, the effective networking can be considered as an essential component towards success. With the social media tools that are present today, the organizations are able to bring about changes in their organizational communication, marketing and the public relations. As stated by Walker (2014), these technologies have been able to shift all their emphasis on the internet services in order to be collaborative and interactive along with creating the opportunities of interaction between the public and the organizations. According to the research performed by Tiago (2008), in spite of the existing hot debate over the disadvantages and advantages of the social network in business, the investments in such technologies is seen to be growing to its peak. Therefore, the study aims to investigate the various advantages and disadvantages of the social networks and social media and fill out the gaps between the literatures and researches. According to Kaur (2016) with the help of the social media in the marketing sector and with the emergence of digital marketing, various businesses have been able to investigate that the social networks and the social media is beneficial in promoting the services and products towards the
2existing as well as potential customers. The social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have transformed the way the business are viewing advertising. DiscussionTarget marketing as advantage and copyright issues as a disadvantageWith the help of social media the marketers are able to target their audiences and consumers on the basis of the personal interest of the users. With the help of smart marketing, the marketers would be able to reach out to the people and would understand what has to be offered to the customers. Additionally, the social networking helps the companies to enable the word of mouth which will help in promoting the products beyond the expertise of advertising field (Nadaraja R. and Yazdanifard, R 2013). The traditional marketing methods are seen not to appeal to some of the customers as these customers focus on valuing the appearance of being on the cutting edge or“in the know which leads to satisfaction among them when a new and exciting product or serviceis launched (Nadaraja R. and Yazdanifard, R 2013). On the similar grounds, a study by Gregori et al., (2015) indicated that such liberty to the customers and providing open information to themcan lead to creating problems for the companies associated with their trademarks and copyrights while promoting their brands and products on the social platforms. The brand of the company and other associated intellectual property are often seemed to be highly valuable. The capacity ofthe social media is seen to facilitate the impromptu and informal communication on the real-timebasis which can help the companies to promote their brands and to disseminate their copyrighted material. Furthermore, it can also leads to facilitation of the third-party abuse of the trademarks and copyrights of the company (Gregori et al., 2015).Reduction in cost as an advantage but time consumption as a disadvantage
3The major advantages of the social media in the businesses and organization are seen to be the reduction in the costs and enhancement of the reaching capability to the clients, users and targeted media. According to the experts in terms of marketing, the cost of using the cost of the social media has been estimated to be lower as compared to the other marketing platforms like face-to-face sales people or middlemen or distributors. Additionally, the social media also helps the organization to reach towards the customers who might not be accessible because of their Locational or temporal limitations of the existing distribution channels. The social network and the media platforms are beneficial in reaching and reducing the costs by providing various advantages to their customers (Watson et al. 2002; Sheth & Sharma 2005). Therefore, the social media is highly interactive and successful. But for the promoting the product or for marketing, the companies have to place their focus on establishing the long-term relationships in order to turn into higher sales. The organizations have to monitor all the networks, respond to all the comments and to provide the customers with the post production information and other related information (Ismail 2017). If the organizations fail to manage their work on the social networks, it will be highly difficult for the organizations to compete. According to Ismail (2017), in spite ofthe higher profits involved the social media marketing of the company is seen to require significant investment in time which can prove out to be highly disadvantageous for the company. Therefore, according to the researchers, the company must realize the importance of necessary time commitment related to the operations of the company (Ismail 2017).According to various researchers, the social interaction is another one of the notable phenomena of social media. The organizations can use social media for communicating with customers, advertising and marketing, communicating with customers and building relationship with customers (Tuten, T.L. and Solomon, M.R., 2014). Similarly, the internet and social media usage

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