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Assignment Managing Personnel and Human Resources

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Managing Personnel and Human Resources
1IntroductionIn this present paper, we will discuss the statement that different jobs required different selectionprocedures to ensure that the organization get the best employees. The aim of recruitment andselection is to recruit right people at the right time for the right position. To increase theefficiency of recruitment and selection procedure following steps is required:1.Determine the vacancy and evaluate the need2.Create the job description3.Develop the recruitment plan4.Select the search committee5.Post position and implementation of recruitment plan6.Then review of applicants and make the short list7.Interview are conducted8.Select the appropriate person9.Finalize the recruitmentNeed of different selection procedure for different jobsThe different procedure of selection is required to recruit the right person for the right job whichhelps to add value to the organization by analyzing the skills and capabilities of an individual andenables to achieve the organizational goals within the particular period (Cook et al., 2016). Theemployee selection is defined as the process which enables to fill the gap between the employeerequired to perform the job and the job roles and responsibilities.
2Following are the selection test required for recruiting the right candidate:1.Ability testsThe ability test is defined as the test which is required to analyze the capabilities of anindividual to perform the specific task which directed towards the achievement oforganizational goals and objectives. It includes aptitude tests, achievement test andintelligence tests. It is mainly required in the check the technical capabilities of anindividual to perform the task in an efficient and effective manner.2.Personality testsIt is defined as the test which is required to check the personality of an individual and it ismainly done at the jobs of managerial level in which the capabilities of an individualcheck to face the employees and consumers. The dimensions of personality impact on thesatisfaction level of the concern group. The dimensions include motivation,conscientiousness, emotional stability and others. It includes interest test, attitude tests,and projective tests.3.Situational testsIt is defined as the test which is used to check the situation handling of an individual. It isdone to check the capabilities of an individual which is done for the managerial jobs. Thejudgmental capabilities of an individual are determined through conducting the groupdiscussions.4.Honesty testsIt is defined as the test which is used to check the capabilities of an individual and thedegree of accuracy which is used to check the honesty of an individual towards the job. It
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