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Second Coursework: ‘Campaign: Production and marketing own website’In this coursework you will make your own website and use the web marketing andanalytics strategies and techniques, you have learnt in the module -and researchedyourself-, to promote it. The second coursework consists of the following components:1.Website – Components and Advicea.Content/SubjectThe website should be about you in some way. It may be:oa website designed to promote you professionally (e.g. a websitepromoting your skills and experience as a web developercontractor, or a website promoting your future digital media start-upcompany).oa website about a topic or hobby you know a lot about1.oa website about a cause or charity or local institution you support.The website should be populated with content you have created yourself.In other words, you need to write the copy of your webpages. You shouldreference any content taken from another source. Be careful not toplagiarize content.The website should not be about a company or product that alreadyexists. Also, you shouldn’t choose a company or organisation with an existingsocial media network (e.g. a company with an existing Facebook businesspage). This is because you are supposed to create the social mediabusiness accounts from scratch.b.Design and ImplementationThe website’s design and content should:oserve the website’s goals (e.g. by offering appropriate call-to-actionbuttons, relevant features etc.).ofacilitate the effective application of web marketing strategies byapplying web design principles (e.g. consistency, web credibility,motivation, etc.).You can design and implement your website using:ohand coding otemplates (e.g. Bootstrap templates)ohtml editor software such as DreamweaverYou shouldn’t use a CMS system, as some ‘free of charge’ CMSsystems, such as Wordpress or Joomla, do not provide full access to1Knitting and Crochet are excluded, since we used them as examples for keyword analysis Web Marketing and Analytics 2017 – Maria Margeti1

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