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Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)Career Episode 1CHENGAL REDDY UTUKUR
CE 1.1: Project IntroductionName of the Project:Three Phase Sequence Checker for Three Phase Supplywith Relay CircuitGeographical Location:[Please Fill]Project Duration:[Please Fill]Organization:[Please Fill]Position in the Project:Team MemberCE 1.2: Project BackgroundCE 1.2.1: Characteristics of the ProjectIn current days, various kinds of machineries and heavy equipments are used for themanufacturing and other production related work. From evaluating various process andmechanical machineries, I have observed that most of the machines are equipped with rotationalparts. In addition to that I have observed that the rotational machineries are equipped with phasesequence meter for determining the supply sequence of the three-phase electric circuit. The 3phase system generated the current or the rotated voltage that reaches the maximum or peakvalue is obtained with the help of phase sequence. Various testers of phase sequence detector ortests are available in the market for determining the phase but not the time required for achievingthe peak value. Therefore in this project I have tried to develop an appropriate system foridentifying the accurate time interval required for attaining the maximum value by each of thephase in the rotational machineries.Page1of10
CE 1.2.2: Objectives developed for projectVarious ranges of phase sequence detector and tester are used in various industries fordetecting the phase of the system. I have found that the testers are capable of using rotating,static, non-contact and contact systems with wide range of power and voltage ratings. Therefore,throughout the project, I have developed my significant aim to determine the sequence of threephase sequence in clock wise direction. In addition to that,I have utilized the LED kit of rotating project for the project. In addition to that, for easyevaluation and design, I have confirmed the below stated objectives.To determine the appropriate hardware component and technical module required forthe project;To determining the working principle for the phase sequence checker;To identify the working principle for the phase sequence checker;To identify the components and develop the circuit diagram for demonstrating thephase sequence checker;To identify the response time when the three phase of the systems gets off;CE 1.2.3: My area of workI have worked alongside my team members for the completion of the design andimplementation of theThree Phase Sequence Checker. I was able to characterized the work intotwo major module. In the first module I have demonstrated the theories and the calculationrequired for implementation of the system. While in the second phase, I was associated with thepractical implementation and integration of the hardware and circuitry element required for theproject.Page2of10
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