Assignment - Marketing Issue Faced By NOKIA

Added on - 22 Sep 2019

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1Marketing Issue of a CompanyThere was a time when Nokia the mobile company was the leader in the marketing industry. Till2005, Nokia was ruling the industry. But the downfall of the company started when thecompetitors like Samsung and Apple took over to the marketing industry. The marketing issue ofNokia was it failed in attracting customers in order to sell the products. Whereas, the othercompanies were promoting their products to a large extent and were attracting more customers(Silver et al., 2013).Therefore, the marketing issue of Nokia was the bad marketing and advertising strategy in orderto attract more customers. The old models of the software were used by the company. Thisresulted in huge losses and the company was facing difficulties in recovering the cost. Thestrategies of the company were not promising enough. And the company started losing itscustomers, and people were switching to other companies like Apple, Samsung, etc.Google Trends and Keyword PlannerThe graph below shows the decline in the search request by the internet users for the term“Nokia” in the past five years.And there is a similar trend for the keyword “Nokia Mobile” as shown in the image below:
2The graph below shows the falling interest of people in the “Series 40” OS of Nokia over thepast five years:On the other hand, the trend for the keyword “Apple Inc” can be seen from the below graphwhich soars higher at every major launch of company’s product:
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