Experience of Planning and Creating a Media Kit


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Experience of Planning and Creating a Media Kit
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1Experience of Planning and Creating a Media KitPlanning and creating a media kit was one of the most significant things that I have learnt in mycourse study. It made me realize that we always need an up to date media kit. In addition to this,creating amedia kitis a significant asset which most of the bloggers oversee. Media kits are nolonger set aside for the Fortune 500 corporations or great publications. It has now becomeessential for every blogger that they should have a media kit, whether for branding, business, orprofessional growth. Without a complete knowledge, we may miss a valuable marketing as wellas revenue-generating opportunities. In addition to this, the advantages of these kits include:provision of a starting point for marketing as well as the PR campaigns helps in increasing thefeasibility of advertising as a revenue model adds layers of reliability of the service and it alsoprovides huge opportunities for potential partnerships (Newsom et al, 2012:12). From planning to creation of the media kit, it has been a great experience to know the processinvolved. The stages in the creation of media kit have shed light on to the paradigms followingthe essential marketing tool. Gathering of information and the resources was the biggest obstacle to get over as it requiredcollection of the published items, creation of blogs, post series, blogs and statistics as well aslinks that are relevant for the creation of media kit. According to the point of view of the scholarsAllagui and Breslo (2016: 24), one must fetch for the introduction part which counts the most ina media kit and it is also important to ensure staying with the current statistics rather thanhovering over the past data which becomes irrelevant.
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