Automated Onboarding Systems: Pros and Cons


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1Onboarding Introduction In this paper discussion regarding human resource, the function has been made. This paper will also highlight the advantage and disadvantage of automating the task of Human Resource. In a way to complete this paper, the Human Resource task which is been selected is onboarding the candidate. In order to complete this paper the resources which have been referred to are all secondary in nature. At the end of this paper proper list of references has been provided.Automated Onboarding SystemsOnce the employee is hired. It became the management and Human Resource professional responsibility to effectively onboard them. It is said that effective onboarding plays an important role in an organization. Most of the employee makes the decision to stay with the organization orto leave the organization at the time of onboarding only. So it is very necessary for the Human Resource professional to effectively manage the onboarding system. It can be done by automating the onboarding system (Richter, J. N., Warner, D. K., and Prabu, G. 2010). The manager should opt the choice to implement the innovative software in the hiring and onboarding process. It is because it will make the process efficient and easy.The mechanized boarding framework can be utilized to take care of the printed material issues. The paperless framework empowers the new contracts to enter data once and it is naturally populated to various structures. The framework furnishes workers with access to dashboards where they can find out about the organization and enroll for preparing. With this system, new employees can complete their new hire paperwork from anywhere and review useful information about what to expect on the first day. They can also go through
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