The Cultural Competency and Social Justice


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1Secondary Research QuestionsThe four questions are found here:1)What are the issues related to multicultural career developments in case of worksettings like, occupational stereotype or occupational segregation? 2)What is the cultural competency in case of working in diverse populations?3)What is the cultural competency and social justice awareness in order to advocate forthe disadvantaged groups in case of the needs of career development?4)Has the multicultural experience studying at KOI in the past 18 months likely helpedon going career life after graduation? (please explain why YES or NO)Literature ReviewEvaluation of secondary question 1:Occupational stereotype mainly refers to the widespread as well as overgeneralizedperception for certain characteristics as it has been associated with the group of people incase of career domain. There are multiple reasons where the occupational stereotypes havebeen arisen and exist. There is the traditional view of the gender roles or the ethnic groups incase of occupations. There should be the presence of certain people for the presumedoccupations for a long time along with the media coverage for the stereotypical images of thecertain occupations of the people [ CITATION Coe17 \l 1033 ]. This occupational stereotypemay have a negative impact both the individuals and the organizations in case of limiting theindividual career choices or the selection of the future workforce.

2Occupational Segregation refers to the unbalanced distribution members for the ethnic groupon behalf of the occupations and the also for the overrepresented in case of certainoccupations or underrepresented in case of other occupations. In some cases, people wouldhave the stereotypes for the ethnic groups in certain occupations for which they haveconsistently see the media and the surroundings [ CITATION Doy18 \l 1033 ]. Evaluation of secondary question 2:Cultural competence is highly essential for a professional to function effectively in a diverseworkplace environment [ CITATION Bre16 \l 1033 ]. As the society is becoming moredynamic, it is necessary for a person who wants to achieve a successful professional career todevelop accordingly, such that it is easily possible for the person to work along withcolleagues, seniors and juniors belonging to diverse cultural backgrounds [ CITATION Sta09\l 1033 ]. An employee working in a multicultural organisation will have more opportunity ofachieving professional success if he or she can effectively mix with other cultures and at thesame time value his or her own culture. This is highly essential to succeed in organisationsharbouring employees from various backgrounds [ CITATION Lóp17 \l 1033 ].The modern organisations need to imbibe the cultural competence within their employees. Inmany organisations there is a tendency by some of the managers to behave discriminatelywith some of the employees, like the ones belonging to some ethnic minority groups, or somespecific social groups, or even the people with disabilities [ CITATION NAT15 \l 1033 ].Hence, there is lack of effective employee motivation within the workplace which impactsthe performance of the employees within the organisation. Hence, the observance of culturalcompetence should be nurtured by the management and every employee must observe thesame in an attempt to develop his or her own career within the organisation and also in caseof future employment opportunities [ CITATION Rel17 \l 1033 ].

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