513 Manage Health and Social Care

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Learner statementLevel 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social CareUnit Title: 513 Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals
Learner statementAssessorUse Only-AssessmentCriteria MetLearner to provide narrative under each statement of how they meet the criteria.You must provide answers to each question that allow your assessor to properly assess what work dutiesyou are doing or what role you have within your work. It expected that you will need approximately 300words per question. The more detail you provide the less likely your account will be sent back for moreclarification.You must answer each question in your own words and written in the first person meaning “I do this”. A tipis always to keep in mind the “who, why, how, where and when” in each answer..INTRODUCTIONHealth and social care is a area which is growing and it emphasise on health promotion in our community as ithelps in increasing demand for the different practitioners. In the organisation, employees have to offer the bestservices to patients which will help in improving their health and it is connected to social structure along withexperience (Health and Social Care, 2017). They have to systemically articulated with the different meaning as wellas practices. Health is a practical concept and it includes the different medications as it is having a influence ofmodern medicine as well as conceptions which assist in containing the proliferation of meanings which is relatedwith the health. Teamwork as well as communication is necessary so that they can ensure improvement oncontinuous quality as well as process along with the outcome measurement. Various advantage also include onoutcome based practice (Aveyard, and Sharp, 2013). It empowers the care workers so that they can deliver servicesaccording to the needs and wants of users. Fundamental aim of this report is to explain the outcome based practiceand the way it can result in positive alterations in individuals' lives. In this assignment, I am going to discusspsychological basis for well being. In organisation, there are various kinds of people who are having distinctivecultures and it may affect their decision making procedure. I can utilize some adequate methodologies to meet thehealth needs of individuals and it may consist of regular health check-up, development activities and so on. I can
cater training to staff members so that they can perform their tasks in an effective manner. Along with this, it isrequired to continuously evaluate as well as monitor their performance. Finally, in this report, I am going to describethat it is essential for me as a Senior to manage effective working partnerships with carers and in addition families.Learning Outcome 1-Understand the theory and principles that underpin outcome based practice1.1Explain ‘outcome based practice’This approach is designed so that care objectives of patients can be achieved in an effective manner(Aveyard,2014). It includes collection of team work, advancement of quality as well as results which can be measured. It isassumes a care and in addition support system so that people can accomplish wants of an individual. As per thesocial methodology, which is related with disability and along with this it is always accept as a good option. Thereare some concepts associated with this practice which are mentioned as beneath:Outcomes comprise of alteration, for example I have to concentrate on building self confidence which leadsself dependence.Outcomes help to maintain life quality and it is occasionally considered as a maintenance of results(Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care, 2017).Outcomes are much connected with the procedure of having administration.In the present scenario, care providers are embracing this methodology. As a result, they can easily attain theirpatients care goals. Another name of outcome based practice is the management of results. It is like a collectivemethod which assists people and thus, they can get success in their work. This approach is effective if personsknow that how they can do their work in an efficient manner while they are formulating clinical way. Along with this, itis not considered as a wastage of time(Baldwin, 2016). Additionally, with assistance of outcome based practice, Ican encourage employees and thus, they will serve better and appropriate services to the patients. Hence, they canget positive results. This method is all about delivering qualitative outcomes to each and every person. Therefore,they can live their life in a potential way. Further, this methodology has much importance in services which is related
with health and social care.1.2 Explain how you critically review approaches to outcome based practiceRangeThis may include:1.2 Approaches to outcome based practice –Results based accountabilityOutcomes ManagementOutcomes into PracticeLogic ModelOutcome based practice is like a maintain individual at middle of care administration and along with this neverimpose any form of standard service to anyone. Along with this, it is totally related with providing the best results toeach and every person and in addition, assist them to live more satisfying lives.Being a senior support worker thereare many approaches which need to be used by me atworkplaceto improve working performance of employees ifthey are not able to complete their work appropriately:Result based accountability:It is very simple to use and this is a practical method which can be utilized bycompany (Result based accountability, 2017). Thus, they can examine their outcomes in an effective and efficientway. For the above stated purpose, I can use data and information which I can get with the help of public(Bao,Casalino and Pincus, 2013).
(Source 1:Result based accountability,2017)Outcomes management:It is basically connected with quality of life and at gathering, it can be associated withhow people are feeling secured, healthier and so on. However, when it comes to the level of an individual then Ihave to do my work in a systematic manner. If results are more effective then it will assist people to feel secure andsafe.Illustration1: Result based accountability
Outcomes into practice:Fundamental purpose is to provide advancement as well as information on health andsocial care which is related with adults. Basically, it is a replacement of needs led methodology. It is associated withimmediate circumstances and it is much typical to determine evidence but outcome based practice makes thisapproach easier. As a result, if I want to resolve any present issue then I can use this practice.Logic model:This approach is used by the employers or managers so that they can easily examine their program’seffectiveness(Bates and et. al., 2014). Best part of utilising this model is that it can be utilized when planning andexecution are carried out.
(Source 2:Logic model,2017)Illustration2: Logic model
1.3Explain how you analyse the effect of legislation and policy on outcome based practiceThere are many laws and acts which mention to outcome based exercise and assists when there is any alterationsin well being and social care. Government has imposed an act named Health and social care act, 2008 so that theycan secure respect as well as dignity of people. Along with this, it is essential that each and every company that isproviding health and care services must follow this act. It may comprise of some examples such as care as well assecurity of adults and their respect. It is essential for an enterprise to include results in their policies and procedures.It is must for me to follow health and social care act at workplace as this ensures to secure health of staff memberseffectually.It is also important for organisation to follow Equality Act, 2010 in their business(Bigham and et. al., 2013). As perthis, managers do not make any difference amongst their staff members and patients as they have to deal with eachand every kind of person. Along with this, laws help them to maintain a particular standard in the firm.This actneeds to implement at premises because it aids to eliminate discrimination over there.As a result production as wellas profits of association will maintained.Fundamental aim is to follow all legislation is that, I can assure each and every individual and along with this theirfamilies that they all are treated equally regardless of their age, gender, colour etc. It will assist them to promotebalanced opportunities.It is considered as a regular practice which needs to be follow by me at workplace;therefore, I will be able to maintain decorum at workplace.1.4Explain how outcome based practice can result in positive changes in individuals’ livesAs per this, an individual can cater support as well as guarantee to others, so that they can modify their life in aaffirmative manner (Britt and et. al., 2013). If I am using the best services then I have an appropriate control over mylife. This kind of method energize us to concentrate on variations which can create by me.By controlling each andevery thing, I will maintain operational activities effectually at working environment.I utilize this method in my role while I am supporting customers to attain their targets and goals. It can be done invarious manners, first can be when buyers have their yearly review then I can discuss their future objectives with
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