Personal And Professional Development


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Personal And Professional Development
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4.1 Solution for a work based problem
Being a director in EU Trans Ltd. I was facing communication problem
within the organization. Many of the employees were not having
communication with other department employees, this was also
increasing communication gap between them. Due to communication gap
team conflict was also taking place and affecting whole working practices
of the organization. However, with the coordination of firm's management
team we organization a team building meeting which started with the
introduction of all employees to each other. This team building meeting
was carried forward by the team building activities, Where team members
have to perform a task with each other's coordination and collaboration.
After this activity, training and development session was provided to all
the employees for improving their communication skills. In this training
program trainer evaluated the benefits of listening and communication
with each other.
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As a result, this team building activity played significant role in resolving
the issue of communication problems and team conflict. With the team
building activities employees are now able to communicate with each
other easily. Moreover, with better collaboration and coordination
between different departments, the organization got the healthy
environment which increased the efficiency of work and increased the
productivity. With the help of effective communication the firm can easily
achieve its goals and objectives.
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