Professional Practice


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Professional Practice

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For particular profession, conducting and working for someone is referred to as professional
practice. A prolong time has been engaged in training and education for carrying out such
occupations of professions. Present study is based on PA consulting, it was established in the year
1943. In the year 2014 firm has hired 666 employees and its number of consultants were 1970. By
offering amazing consultancy services firm has become able to develop brand name and now it is
the biggest consultancy firm that offers management services to its consumers. In the year 2014
company worked on renovation and has made changes in its logo and also make necessary updation
in its website design. In this report it has been discussed about the usage of interpersonal skills to
give trainings to targeted audience, followed by implementation of critical reasoning for solving the
problem. Moreover, this report discusses about the team dynamics and its importance and the need
of Continuing Professional Developments (CPD) for achieving higher levels of learnings (Green
and Hopwood, 2016).
Interpersonal skills can be defined as the way in which person makes connection with other or
interact with others. This is essential for employee to have good interpersonal skill so that
individual can make connection with other staff members and can manage work effectively.
Communication skills are such skills that supports an individual to exchange views in proper
manner can communicate message in the appropriate manner. In order to deliver trainings
effectively to the targeted audience the communication styles and formats which could be used are
Verbal: Usage of verbal communications for giving trainings or for transferring information is
through speaking or language of sign. One on one conversations, meetings, phone calls, video
conferencing & presentation are considered in this type of conversations. Trainings given through
this communication style are considered to be the most efficient. Written as well as non verbal
communication tends to support this type of communication while given trainings to targeted
audiences. While giving trainings to the targeted audience through this format of communication,
ensures that the trainer must be having confident and strong speaking voice, avoiding fillering
words as well as being active listener.
Non verbal: Intentionally or unintentionally, trainings given through this style of
communication includes facial expressions, gestures as well as different body languages.
Understanding of others feelings and thoughts while giving trainings is been facilitated by non
verbal communication. If the trainees are appeared to be open to information or feeling positive
then they are considered to be displaying open body languages whereas when the trainees are
appeared to be nervous, angry or anxious then they are considered to be displaying closed body

Written: Delivering information for training through numbers or letters in form of print or
writing can be considered underwritten communications. This style of training includes memos,
letters, blogs, pamphlets and books. Thus, these training styles are having simplicity, effective and
do not rely on tone.
Visual: Conveying information of trainings through graphs, charts, sketches, drawings, arts and
photographs are the acts of visual communication. Moreover, while delivering information through
verbal and written communication, visual acts are also included in the communications either
through presentations so in order to provide helpful context alongside during the delivering of
trainings to the targeted audiences (Mahon, Francisco and Kemmis, 2017).
Email 1:
From: Lucas@PAconsultant.com
To: Manager@PAconsultant.com
Subject: Important event
Dear employees,
I am planning to organise an event for the growth and development of employees. This
event will discuss all the details that are necessary for the growth of employees.
It will occur on 17Th Friday 2020 Wednesday at 6PM
I am hopping your presence in this event.
If any quarry, please feel free to call on 255487887
Thanks & Regards
Email 2:
From: Lucas@PAconsultant.com
To: Staff@PAconsultant.com
Subject: communicating important event
Dear staff members
I am one of the employee of PA consultancy who is working side by side. I am planning to
organise one event in your organisation that would make you all aware with the development
opportunities that you can get in the firm.
I am planning to organise it on 17Th Friday 2020 Wednesday at 6PM
If any quarry, please feel free to call on 255487887
Thanks & Regards

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