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AbstractThe topic which has been chosen here fordiscussion is, “Use of Digital ForensicFramework in Cloud ComputingInvestigations.” This topic has been chosenbecause of the recent trend of increase inthe role of cloud storage devices in dailyneeds of individuals and organizations[1].These cloud storage devices facilitatesthrough greater accessibility of data fromany location, synchronization of datathrough two or more devices, providingspace efficiency in the digital devicesbeing used and is cost effective for thedigital needs. However these benefits ofcloud storage devices and services need tobe secured by forensic investigationswhich is required to be carried regularly toeliminate any chances of fraud,manipulation of theft of data.IntroductionIn cloud storage device, all the data andinformation is maintained remotely andaccessed online by the user from anylocation. With the increase in usage ofsuch technology, there is a greater need tosecure these systems and for which digitalforensic investigation plays a major role.Related work or BackgroundVarious research has been conducted inthis area to understand how cloudcomputing devices can be made secure andsafe for use in large scale[2]. The conductof digital forensic investigations haveprovided data for the issues which arebeing faced in cloud devices and theimprovements necessary. The scope ofcriminal exploitation is studied with thehelp of forensic investigations and whatregulations are required. Two of the mostcommon forensic frameworks- NIST andMckemmish are used to understand themalicious practices. However with the helpof this paper we would review what furtherimprovements can be made in the digitalforensic framework for cloud computinginvestigations.MethodologyThe method which would be used here forconducting the research is throughqualitative approach. The impact of thecurrent commonly used frameworks-McKemmish and NIST would be studiedin detail from the literature review of theresearches conducted in this field[3]. Anew integrated approach would beanalysed which would make the forensicinvestigations more effective. Thequalitative research methodology wouldenable a detailed analysis of the situationand to find the cause and effectrelationship for the suggested forensicinvestigation framework.
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