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Digital Forensic in Public Cloud

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Added on  2023-03-17

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This article explores the concept of digital forensic in public cloud computing and its impact on forensic investigations. It discusses the benefits and challenges of public cloud computing, as well as proposed solutions for data security and intrusion detection. The article also highlights the role of digital forensic tools in analyzing and preserving digital evidence in the public cloud environment.

Digital Forensic in Public Cloud

   Added on 2023-03-17

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Digital forensic in public cloud
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The term public cloud refers to cloud computing services that are offered to the public by
third-party suppliers through the medium of Internet services that has been made public. The
services can be given free or sold when demanded by the customers enabling them to pay as
per their usage. Digital forensic deals in retrieving data of material obtained from dgital
devices. The informations of the public could be stored in the cloud and thus digital forensics
in public cloud is an emerging technology. This shift in technology has affected forensic
investigators as cyber crimes have increased. Valuable evidence for investigations is derived
from digital forensics.
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