Assignment on Hidden Curriculum

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According to Jane Martin (1976), hidden curriculum refers to the learning outcomes which are notopenly intended. Thus, these refer to those learning (in terms of value and perspective) which areunofficial and not endorsed by the underlying institution or educational system. The hiddencurriculum may have positive or negative aspects depending upon the underlying learning outcomesthat they deliver to the students. Further, usually when the hidden curriculum reinstates the formallearning, it aids in the learning process. However, when the hidden curriculum goes against theformal learning objectives and aims, then it deters learning by planting a state of confusion.It has been highlighted by sociologists like Kohlberg that hidden curriculum is quite powerful. Thepositive aspects of this can be witnessed when this is utilised to inculcate desirable moral values,complement the formal learning objectives and reinstate positive goals like diversity and tolerance.However, the hidden curriculum can negatively impact the student as it may cause differentiationbetween academically performing and non-performing students. Further, it may cause a divideamongst the students coming from different cultural backgrounds which is quite likely when suchbehaviours are exhibited in educational institution even though such objective is not stated in theofficial or manifest curriculum.A particular example of hidden curriculum at work is when the teachers tend to treat the studentsaccording to their respective academic performance and in effect inculcate the bourgeoisie cultureas students coming from economically poor sections are likely to underperform. Thus, it etches afeeling of inferiority amongst the academically weak students. Also, an illustration of the same is alsovisible when the schools tend to promote egalitarianism and provide opportunities to weak studentsto improve their performance and hence the hidden curriculum etches the freedom of opportunity.
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