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AMAZONCase 3:– Keeping the FireHot [Type the document subtitle]XYZ[Pick the date]
INTRODUCTIONAccording to the Harvard Business Review Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, hasemerged as the best performing CEO in the world. He has been able achieve a great successat Amazon, as he could transform it from a basic online bookstore to a $140 billion retailempire. The company was launched in 1995 and then within few years reached a sound andprofitable position. Now it has finally earned more than $1 billion in revenue. This slowgrowth of Amazon has added up to its success. Amazon has grown accordingly with thesegment of online shopping and has been able to achieve the status of a technology giant. Butin this new digital age, being the leader of online shopping is not sufficient to survivetherefore launching Amazon Fire Tablets series along with rolling out Amazon Prime hasbeen great business.DISCUSSIONAccording to Bezos, moving slowly and steadily helped Amazon survive the late 90’sfalldown. This understanding helped Amazon in introducing one of its kind the Kindle e-reader (Miller, C.C. and Bosman) and the new AWS cloud service in market(Balduzzi, M.,Zaddach, J., Balzarotti, D., Kirda, E. and Loureiro, S.) When questions were raised on the launch and future of the Kindle in the year 2007 ,on itslaunch, its cost was $399 at that time and was considered Amazon’s first major consumerelectronics product. Amazon made the device cheaper by introducing Wi-Fi only models andeven models which are supporting ad. When they were launched, Kindle Fire tablets (Weber,S.) were introduced with technologies that were already available in many tablets present inthe market. Amazon's new products captured market easily because of their low prices,especially when compared with Apple's iPads. The new version of kindle, the Kindle Fires1
has been priced lower than its counterparts available in the market as it could arrange asuitable advertising campaign idea for it.If in future losses occur then the company can recover the money through the sale of itspremium apps and services like its annual Prime fast-shipping membership. The fast-shippingmembership now includes streaming movie content, with other offerings. Therefore, onwhole the Kindle Fire is a great deal for Amazon. Amazon could sell its products in loss because for Amazon, the kindle Fire is a book store,and a mini version of movie theatre, and a full fledge record shop. Once a customer walks inthe Amazon's market, there is availability of a variety of ways they can make money. One canbuy the books, movies, music and apps available there. Use of creativity, flexibility, and spontaneity when making key decisions makes decisionseasier. Bezos in his career has never been uncomfortable with lack of structure and theattempts which had led to his failure in past. And this has led to positive effects as Amazonhas thousands of repetitive customers. Hence, systematic thinking and informed intuition arethe main weapons of Bezos.PROBLEM SOLVINGThe economic slowdown in the past could not affect the digital home entertainment and thusit has evolved and will grow magnificently over the coming years. The wide range oftechnologies, different trends in changing lifestyles, and technological advancements due toinnovations have all changed the ways in which consumers interact with the digital content. Itis believed that in the near future of digital home entertainment, content could be the, and2

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