Applying Project Management Standards and Frameworks for Commercial Negotiation


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(Insert Student Name) / (Insert Student Number) - PPMP20011 Portfolio template for Week 9
PPMP20011 Portfolio Template – Week 9
Description of
topics including
reading samples
Learning outcomes
of the unit
Learnings from your experience, this and prior unit reading,
including your prior
Week 9 Topic: Applying
Project Management
Standards and
Collaborative Project
Arrangements (2015)
by Derek H. T. Walker
and Beverly M. Lloyd
6. Evaluate project
management tools
that help avoid or
provide conflict
resolution via
negotiated solutions.
The objective of this week’s topic is to make sure you have an appreciation of
the Role of the Project Manager in Commercial Negotiation.
Try to ask yourself the questions that were in the slides in this week’s lecture:
1. In what way would Project Management Standards and Frameworks
impact on Commercial Negotiation?
It is found that both the project management standards as well as frameworks
generally helps in creating huge impact on the commercial project negotiation It
is found that with the help of proper project management standards as well as
frameworks, the entire work that is mainly associated with the commercial
project negotiation can be managed quite effectively. If the frameworks as well
as standards are not utilized properly then it generally can cause huge impact on
the project negotiation.
Walker & Walker (2015) discuss the general thrust of this investigation in
Chapter 7 (p 137) what are your thoughts regarding:
2. Do the conclusions in Chapter 7 p 137 seem reasonable to you?
It is found that the conclusion that is mainly provided with chapter 7 is
considered to be very much reasonable as well as helpful in properly elaborating
the concept of commercial negotiation in context to the private organizations as
well as government organizations.
Walker & Walker (2015) then in Chapter 7talk about a “PraXitioner” what are
your thoughts regarding:
3. Do you agree with the authors that a PraXitioner is the way forward?
Yes, I agree that a PraXitioner’s is always a way forward. This is mainly because
this entire unit generally helps in providing proper information as well as details
that are generally associated with the PraXitioner. Furthermore, they are
Peña-Mora F., and
Tamaki T. 2001. "Effect of
Delivery Systems on
Negotiations for Large -
Scale Infrastructure
Projects”. Journal of
Management in
Engineering. April 2001
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