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Approaches Related to Operations Management

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Added on  2021-02-20

Approaches Related to Operations Management

   Added on 2021-02-20

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Management andOperations
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INTRODUCTIONManagement and operation both are generally associated with various business activitiesthat manage as well as control manufacturing and another operative practices. Organisationprovides several products and services to clients with the help of efficacious operations andmanagement that outcomes in maximising efficiency and profitability (Chevalier and et. al.,2015). As per the scenario the chosen company for this report is Corus, it is a part of Steel Grouphaving headquarters is in London, UK. This report covers various roles as well as characteristicsof manager and leader in particular situation. Also, theories and models that describe leadershipand management role, various key approaches related to operation management is explained .Apart from this, several factors of business environment as well as it effects upon leaders andmangers decision- making are also discussed in this report. TASK 1P1. Explain and compare the roles and characteristics of manager and leader.Definition of manager:“Manager is the one who exercises managerial functions and have powe to recruit,observe and perform performance appraisal of staff”.“Manager is considered as the organiser of business and one who is responsible to directand control task and workers” (What is a manager? Definition and meaning. 2019). Moreover, it is accountable for managing the staff and business. There are variousmanagerial activities that is performed through manager into firm by it skills as well as guideworkforce towards the development of company. Definition of Leader: “Leader is the individuals who influences the group of person in order to attain theobjectives of firm”.“Leaders are somebody that is followed through people as well as guides other ineffective and efficient manner” (Managers and Leaders are Different Breeds by Definition.2017). Moreover, it uses leadership that is a art of inspiring the team so they can do their work insuch a way that outcomes in attaining targets. The role of leaders is to influence workers fordoing particular task that can be only possible through encouraging them. 1
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