Strategic Role of the Organisation in Supply Chain Management


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Assessment Brief – UndergraduateProgramme:VariousModule Code:MO0358Module Title:Strategic Supply Chain ManagementDistributed on: Week 1Submission Time and Date:To be submitted by 12 noon on [ ]Word Limit:3,000 words (only for assignment component)Weighting 80% Individual Assignment and 20% Team – based Oral PresentationSubmission of AssessmentAll assignments must be submitted to Room 223, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, City Campus East, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8STIt is your responsibility to ensure that your assignment arrives before the submission deadline stated above. See the University policy on late submission of work (the relevant extract is set out below).Please note that ALL assignments are subject to anonymous marking. Your name should only appear in the name box on the assignment submission cover sheet.Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA): Please note if your assignment is submitted electronically it will be submitted online via Turnitin by the given deadline. You will find a Turnitin link on the module’s eLP site.Instructions on Assessment:The assessment consists of two components, which each component MUST be completed bystudents. The passing mark will be calculated as overall.Assignment The assignment is in two parts with a sub-section [(i) and (ii) in part a] and will require you to:-a.Teamwork Oral presentation (20% of total Mark)This part of the assignment is a team – based activity. a)(i) As part of a Group, organize, implement and produce a Power point Presentation onan evaluation of a supply chain organization (ie part of a Supply Network in either aManufacturing; Retail or Service Industry) and make an oral presentation of your findings.Your Presentation should include your Primary selected data on the organization. Alsoregular group meeting minutes should be produced and included in a hard copysubmission of meeting minutes taken during the course of the assignment with a copy ofyour presentation sides. Your consideration should be to the organizations’ approach to itssupply chain strategic focus. (ii) Make a 20 minute Group presentation to the class analysing the strategic role of theorganization within its supply chain and assessing its operation in terms of its supply chainstrategy./tmp/tmpauf3usp6constructionsupplychaindocx-4809.docx Page 1 of 8
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Assessment Brief – UndergraduateTask a) (20% of the overall Mark)The Presentation should be planned for a group of 4 people(everyone presents) and should takeplace in the semester. A level of Primary research is expected and should be ideally conducted via anorganisation visit but electronic means of interview can be considered as an alternative. When arranging the visit and interview, the group must agree with the management of the location,and must prepare a briefing sheet to be handed out or sent electronically before the visit and interview.When making a visit the group must organize transport to and from the site. All groups must prepare asummary of the research, analyse the role of the organisation with regard to its supply chain strategyand assess its operation in terms of the supply chain practice you believe is appropriate identified fromthe Lecture and Seminar Sessions of this module. Also organize appropriate thanks to the hostorganisation where you gained the primary research. All additional material such as Group MeetingMinutes should be in the Appendices. Plans must be discussed and agreed with the tutor, and asuitable visit confirmed by week 6 of the semester.The group presentation should aim to comment upon the strategic role of the organization within itssupply chain, and its efficiency and effectiveness in performing that role. You should draw on and usereading and learning from the whole module, and position the organization in terms of strategic supplychain best practice. Marks will be awarded for quality of presentation as well as content. AssessedPresentations will be made to the class in teaching weeks 11 and 12 and agreed with the Tutor.Your group hard copy submission to the UG Office (date advised by the UG Office) will include(1) A hard copy of the presentation slides (2) meeting minutes of meetings held by the group increating the presentation (3) Ethics forms (4) Brief written report (300 words) analysis of groupfindings and short conclusion (150 words). The submission should be made in a folder withthe group name, team members’ names and a contents page.b)Individually to prepare a 3000 word +/-10% document using your group analysed organization as a Case Study to compare their supply chain strategy against a comprehensiveLiterature Review of supply chain appropriate practice which you individually identify as you seeappropriate to evaluating the case study organization. You should develop a significant individualliterature review during the course of the assignment.Students are expected to undertake significant research and literature review to develop their caseand this MUST be evident in their portfolio and oral presentation. b.Individual – based Assignment (80% of total Mark)The Individual written report should be no more than 3000 words +/- 10% in length and theindividual skills that you need to show here are that you can analyze your Case Study organizationfromyour case study analysis in Part a, and compare their supply chain strategy against acomprehensive Literature Review(30 references) of appropriate practice that you individuallyidentify as appropriate to your case study organization, developed during the course of theassignment. All references to be shown in a Reference section at the end of the report. Include an Abstract (200 words max not in word count)Introduction 100 words and Conclusion 200 words ( both included in the word count)/tmp/tmpauf3usp6constructionsupplychaindocx-4809.docx Page 2 of 8
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Assessment Brief – UndergraduateStudents are expected to use minimum 30 peer reviewed academic journal articles as part oftheir critical evaluation in both introduction and main body. Please, note the expectation is for30 individual articles, not 30 in-text citations. Referencing your workThe APA method of referencing uses the author's name and the date of the publication. In-textcitations give brief details of the work you are referring to in your text. References are listed at the endof the text in alphabetical order by the author's name. The general format of an electronic journalreference in the APA style is shown below:Coutu, D. (2009). Why Teams Don't Work. Harvard Business Review, 87(5), 98-105. Retrieved 29thApril 2012 from EBSCO http://searchebscohost.com Author/s name and initials are listed first, followed by year of publication in brackets. Then there is thetitle of article and the journal where the article appears, which is in italics. Then state the volume andissue number (in brackets) along with the pages where article can be located. Finally add the date thearticle was retrieved and then the name of the database, followed by the web address. Whereverpossible use the homepage URL rather than the full and extended web address.For further information on why it is important to reference accurately go to the Referencing andPlagiarism topic in Skills Plus available from the Library website: www.northumbria.ac.uk/skillsplusYou will find other useful help guides on Skills Plus to help you with the skills involved in writing yourassessments and preparing for exams. For further information on the APA style of referencing see the Concise Rules of APA style and theAPA website http://www.apastyle.org/learn/tmp/tmpauf3usp6constructionsupplychaindocx-4809.docx Page 3 of 8
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