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TUTORIALACTIVITY WORKBOOKWORKBOOK 1 BUSINESS PLANNINGNo part of this workbook may be reproduced by photocopying or any other means without written permissionfrom the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science.

AACDS WORKBOOK COVERSHEETPlease submit to your AACDS lecturer.Unit 1.4 Practice Management and Administration Course(Please select)10510NATAdvanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science 52709WAGraduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing 52707WAGraduate Diploma of Dermal Therapies AACDS ASSESSMENT POLICYAssessments Marked “Competent” or “Not Yet Competent”:1.Must be completed by the due date specified in the student manual for each corresponding unit.2.If a student fails to meet the due date as specified, this may incur additional fees to extend unit access. 3.If a student consistently achieves “Not Yet Competent” and demonstrates poor performance inall assessments, AACDS reserves the right to terminate the student’s enrolment for the corresponding unit.Graded Assessments/Exams: 1.Must be completed by the due date specified in the student manual for each corresponding unit.2.A student will have the opportunity to resit a failed assessment, however on the second attempt the pass mark will increase by 10%.1.If a student fails on the second attempt, the student must re-enrol into the failed unit at the current full-feeGRADE (IFAPPLICABLE): Competent Not Yet Competent Please Resubmit this Assessment by: 29 March 2017ASSESSMENT FEEDBACKFROM LECTURER: A VERYGOODWORKBOOKSUBMISSION NICOLE, ESPECIALLYINLIGHTOFYOURPERSONALSITUATION. YOUHAVEPRODUCEDSOMEEXCELLENTWORKANDINCLUDEDGREATDETAILINAREAS. PLEASEREVIEWANDRESUBMITTHEFOLLOWING - ACTIVITY 1A, ACTIVITY 2AAND 2C, ACTIVITY 6 (CSFS), ACTIVITY 7A, ACTIVITY 12 STEP 2 ANDSTEP 3.rsion 2.0 2Niche/AACDS/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 1


ACTIVITY 1INDUSTRYIn this activity students are required to investigate and conceptualise the beauty industry ingeneral and the various segments within the industry. The cosmetic medical market is a significantgrowth sector within the beauty industry and is an emerging market globally.Students will need to research and review various market reports to then describe statistically ‘thebeauty industry’, ‘the cosmetic medical industry’ in their own terms. Students should alsodemonstrate that they understand what is meant by ‘spa therapies’ and ‘dermal therapies’ and‘cosmetic medical treatments’ and how each relates, and provide a demonstrated understandingof concepts of ‘a market’, ‘an emerging market’ and ‘an industry’, within their answers.a)Compare and Contrast: Yes NoThe beauty industry and the cosmetic medical industry (100 words)The beauty therapist typically have had less training and concentrate on beauty treatments that are superficial and include facials, nails and massage. Beauty services involves treatments and procedures relating to the enhancement of appearance including hair reduction treatments such as waxing and electrolysis, aesthetic procedures such as nails and makeup and wekk being treatments such as massage. They apply face and body treatments and provide advice about skin care and cosmetics. The popularity of the industry can be evidenced by the fact that it is expected that the revenue receipts shall be raised by 2.0% and reach a value of $4.8 billion. However, in the current year it was also reported that there was a 0.4% decline in the revenues which were received by the industry. Cosmetic medical industry comprises of a range of minor surgical and non-surgical procedures primarily focusing on altering the external apprearance and pathophysiology of aging skin. The approximate value of the industry is $1 billionand is currently witnessing a similar amount of spending from Australians. With the increasing level of spending the industry also saw a growth of 25 percent. Some of the most prevalent trends which persist in the industry are dermal filler injections, reshaping faces and sculpting. It involves the enhancement of appearance through medical and surgical techniques as operations, procedures and treatments that revise or change the appearance, colour, texture, structure or position of normal bodily features with the sole intention of improving the patient's appearance or self esteme. The term cosmetic medicine usually refers to non surgical procedures such as dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers. The term dermal therapies refers to non-invasive such as laser, IPL and superficial chemical peelsBeauty therapies (spa therapies) and cosmetic medical dermal therapies (50 words)A Beauty therapist can be trained on the job with no formal qualification or training. Many study at TAFE and complete. Beauty practitioners can perform their duties, however there are rsion 2.0 4Niche/AACDS/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 1

no formal guidelines or licences in Australia. it is mostly self regulated and as a consumer you need to check the qualifications of your beauty practitioner to access if they are suitably qualified to perform certain treatments. A Beauty therapist offers the following: waxing, massage, makeup, facials, eye lash and brow tintingDermal therapist need to study a bachelor of health science. they study advanced diploma, a graduate diploma or degree qualification. With extensice training in the skin anotomy and physiology, skin conditions, cosmetice chemistry and are trained to analyse and treat skin through a variety of advanced techniques. They wrok in medical settings such as medi spas, skin rejuvenation clinics and cosmetic clinics. They work along side doctors specializing in cosmetic surgical and non-surgical treatments. With advanced training in IPL, laser, skin peels, photo rejuvenation, cosmetic tattooing and micro needling. A qualified Dermal therapist can offer the following procedures: light based therapies, laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, skin needling. Non-invasive, minimally invasive and invasive cosmetic medical procedures (50 words)non-invasive cosmetic procedures that do not usually break the skin, do not involve the use of either local or general anesthetic such as superficial chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser hair removal. eg: massage, facials, waxing, makeup and eye lash and brow tinting. A beauty therapist is aloud to perfrom these procedures.Minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that may break the skin but are less traumatic, do not usually involve the use of systemic anesthesia and result in more temporary changes such a medium depth peels, skin needling, collagen and botox injections. A dermal therapist is aloud to perform these proceduresInvasive cosmetic procedures suge as breast augmentation/reduction, liposuction, abdominoplasty, augmentation phalloplasty, facelifts, laser resurfacing, otoplasty, rhinoplasty and sclerotherapy. a medical professional like a doctor is aloud to perform these procedures.b)How would you assess the beauty industry in Australia, if you were to advise whether you think it is worth entering into as a new business? What industry statistics can you point to so asto support your advice? (100 words) YesIn 2012 statistics showed that Australia's spending on non-surgical cosmetic medical treatments has more than doubled over a 5year period from $300 million in 2008 to $644.7 million in 2012. There is high demand for non-surgical cosmetic procedures and it keeps growing as one of the main factors is new developments in this evolving area of medicine. the treatments that are emerging are less invasive, more effective and less expenside making them more appealing and accesible to patients. It is reported in Beauty Industry Analysis 2017 - Cost and Trends, that 82% ofwomen now believe that social media drives these trends. There is a report out from the rsion 2.0 5Niche/AACDS/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 1

Australian government, Australian Small Business Key Statistics and Analysis Dec 2012. It talks about Early stage start up, small business in the economoy, number of small businesses in australia, selected business characteristics, businesses per region and much more. Small businesses make a significant contribution to the australian economy accounting for nearly one-half of private sector industry employment. Assessor’s comments Excellent researched answers however the first question “compare and contrast the beauty and cosmetic medical industry requires you to answer more in terms of industry stats. What are the $ values of each industry, what are the growth rates %, what are consumer spends, what are the trends? It should resemble your answer to part b and you can use some of your research from part b in the first answer.rsion 2.0 6Niche/AACDS/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 1

ACTIVITY 2ENVISIONINGStudents need to demonstrate understanding of the difference between ‘vision’ and ‘mission’ andbe able to draft personal and professional vision and mission statements. Personalising anunderstanding of vision and mission enhances its conceptual application. Students are required todraft business vision and mission statements for the hypothetical medispa business in Assessment2 – the business plan of this unit. The envisioning activities are also used to assist students inchoosing a business name for the virtual medispa. Learners are expected to use the ASIC Connectwebsite to check business name availability.a)What is the vision and mission of a business? (100 words) Yes NoThe mission statement of any business refers to the questions of 'what' or who' in respect to the company, whereas the vision statement answers 'why' and 'how' in respect to the existence of a business. Growth of businesses tend to bring alterations in the goals and objectives of a company, which in turn shall be reflected in the vision statement of a company. It represents the values and beliefs on the basis of which the operations are carried out, while the mission statement the primary goals as well as purpose for which the company is exisitng and operating in the market. Structure of your business (ex. sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnership, or an incorporated company)The date your business was establishedThe nature of your business (what are you selling?)The industry you are inBusiness vision, mission, and valuesBackground information on your business or its historyBusiness Objectives (short and long-term)The teamb)Write a personal vision and mission statement for yourself (think of your personal life and yourcareer). (50 words each) YesVision statement-I want to have balance with my family and professional life. I want to become a successful human being. I want to improve my personality and grow within myself. I want to earn the money to provide the support that gives my kids everything they need. I wish to inspire and motivate then todiscover and develop their potential and live life to the full.Mission statement-rsion 2.0 7Niche/AACDS/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 1

It is my mission to live a life of honesty, integrity, and unconditional love. To never lose sight of what is most important and to make the world a more beautiful place as a dermal therapist and my relationship with others.c)Write a business vision and mission statement for a hypothetical medispa (refer to the fact scenario in Assessment 2 – Business Plan).Yes NoVision statement- (50 words)We value compassion, caring for each of our patients and one another with empathy, kindness, sincerity, and consideration and hence we intend to operate on an international platform and provide our services to countries across the globe. We value excellence, striving to provide the highest quality care and customer service to each global patient who enters our practice. We are dedicated to continuously improving our overall care and performance. We understand the importance of working togheter in an integrative manner to provide the best possible patient care,garnering positive outcomes. We value honesty and integrity, with each employee acting in a truthful manner and taking responsibility for his/her own actions. An open, honest patient-provider relationship is essential and helps to guide our everyday decisions. We value accessibility,providing our patients with extended hours of operation, and continual technological advances.Mission statement- (50 words)To enhance each client’s natural beauty, with advanced skin treatments that includes all of the services of a traditional salon. Performed by an entrusted and energetic team. Of highly-trained, creative technicians and fully-accredited professionals. In an upscale and inviting spa atmosphere. Where each client is treated as a favored client. Has their service expectations surpassed, and leave grateful for their Radiance experience.Assessor’s comments Please review a and c...in simple terms your Vision is where you want to be, the ultimate future of your business and the Mission is how you will get there or achieve this vision.....rsion 2.0 8Niche/AACDS/Curriculum/Unit 1.4 / Assessments/Workbooks/Workbook 1

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