Assignment On Benefits Of Diverse Workforce To An Organization

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Written Assignment Marking FormCandidate’sname:Yousef Al HammadiExpiry DateSeptember 2018AssignmentTutorCarole CannasProgrammeCHRP/DHRPProgramme StartDateMarch 2018CourseLocationAbu DhabiAssignment3RTO:Resourcing TalentWord countEvidence to be producedActivity 1& Activity 2(Individual tasks) written responses ofapproximately 1500 wordsin totalActivity 1 & Activity 2(Group tasks) written responses ofapproximately 1000 wordsin total to include copies ofoJob DescriptionoPerson SpecificationoAdvertisementoSelection CriteriaoAppoint to position letteroA non-appointment letterCriteriaIndividual Activity 1Prepare a written document to assess the way in which an organisation that you are familiar withis able to resource talent to enhance their organisational success. Your document should cover:a.Using examples from the organisations you are considering, explain at least fourorganisational benefits of having a diverse workforce.b.Identify and explain at least four factors that can affect an organisation’s approach totalent planning.c.Describe the key factors that can affect an organisation’s recruitment and selectionVersion 2 01/03/2017
Written Assignment Marking Formpolicyd.Describe at least three methods of recruitment, and three methods of selection thatcan be used in organisations, and when it is appropriate to use each of them.You will be expected to:Learning Outcome:1Explain the factors that affect an organisation’s talent planning, recruitment and selectionpolicy1.1Explain the organisationalbenefits of a diverse workforcePASSYou have identified 4 relevant benefits of a diverse workforceYousef,but as you have relied on some external references, itwould have been good to see examples from your ownexperience here too.1.2Explain the factors that affectan organisation’s approach totalent planningPASSYou have identified both internal and external factors that canaffect the organisation’s approach to its planning.In terms ofappropriate criteria, you could have perhaps elaborated furtherto mention that the criteria should meet the goals/strategy ofthe organisation as well.1.3Describe the factors that affectan organisation’s recruitmentand selection policyPASSYou have identified both internal and external factors and usedexternal references to explain these.It would have been betterto use examples from your own organisation to explain theseYousef.Learning Outcome:2Identify appropriate recruitment and selection methods2.1Describe different recruitmentmethods and identify when it isappropriate to use themREFERAlthough you have briefly mentioned 3 types of recruitmentmethods, you haven’t described these in any detail norexplained when it is useful to use each of them.2.2Describe different selectionmethods and identify when it isappropriate to use themREFERUnfortunately you have also only briefly mentioned 3 selectionmethods and again you should describe these in detail andidentify when it is appropriate to use each one. Examples fromyour own organisation will help you here!Version 2 01/03/2017
Written Assignment Marking FormIndividual Activity 2Post appointment an employee will be expected to be inducted into the organisation. As acontinuation of your individual written document, you will be expected to:Learning Outcome4Understand the importance of effective induction4.1Explain the purpose,importance and benefits ofinduction to individuals andorganisationsPASSAlthough you have used a lot of external referencing to assistyou in your explanation here Yousef,I would have liked to seemore explanation e.g. from your own company/experience.4.2Identify areas to be coveredby induction and the roles ofthose involved in an inductionprocessREFERWhat is required here Yousef, is a plan in a table, identifyingthe key aspects of an induction plan from Day 1 to Month 3 (atleast), including who is responsible for each part. Perhaps lookat your own company’s induction plan and use that as a basisto develop one here for your assignment.Version 2 01/03/2017
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