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Assignment. Contemporary Developments in Employment Rel

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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AssignmentContemporary Developments in Employment Relations (5CER)When you have completed your assignment, please submit it below. Before submittingplease ensure your assignment cover sheet has been inserted as page one and all thedetails are complete. Without this information your assignment cannot be marked.This assignment is designed to assess the followinglearning outcomes:2 Understand contemporary labour market trends and data.5 Understand contemporary developments in employee involvement and participation.6 Understand different forms of conflict behaviour and dispute resolution.Assessment BriefYou are required to answer the following three questions/tasks below and provideanswers to each one.1.Identify and explain the labour market in the country where you are based. Howhas it changed in the past five years?2.Critically assess the claim that effective employee involvement and participationwill strengthen both the traditional and psychological exchange between anorganisation and its employees3.You are required to brief the senior management team on recent trends inindustrial action and explain the approaches and skills required to help manageboth individual and collective conflict.Evidence to be ProducedA report of 3000 words, together with a list of cited References and a Bibliography ofsources consulted but not specifically mentioned in preparing eah answer (but theseshould be excluded from the word count).
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