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Running head:INTEGRATED PROJECT MANAGEMENTIntegrated Project Management(Impact Analysis On Enterprise Environment Factors)Name of the student:Name of the university:Author Note
1INTEGRATED PROJECT MANAGEMENTExecutive summaryThe report intends to identify the impact analysis of EEF. It has analyzed the internal and externalfactors. This also includes the effect has been imparting process of project management. Further,various strategies are demonstrated for imposing the appropriate approach of tasks. At last the studyhas assessed the communication on the process along with the ultimate outcomes on differentstakeholders.
2INTEGRATED PROJECT MANAGEMENTIntroduction:The EEF or Enterprise Environmental Factors are influential to the success of the projectboth internally and externally. It includes the weather conditions, political situations, marketconditions, government regulations, culture and so on that has been generally out of control.It has been vital for the project team to manage the EEF effectively since they impact of theproject’s success. The report is developed on the identified impact analysis of EEF.The report has evaluated the internal and external factors along with the effect on the processof project management. The strategies are developed for imposing the proper course of the actions.Lastly the report includes the communication on the process and results to the various stakeholders.The evaluation of internal and external factors and their effect on the projectmanagement processes:The EEF has been always followed and could be in written format. However they are alwaysin action and not in control of the team. The project processes gets influenced by the EEF and neverchange the EEF. Here the only exception is the managing and development of project team wherethe skills are built and added to future capability of the organization. The EEF inputs have beenshowing up as the input to various additional processes. The input denotes the factors external to theproject that might or might not have the important effect on the project’s success (Chen et al., 2014).As per as the PMBOK Guide, the environmental factors have been including the following.
3INTEGRATED PROJECT MANAGEMENTThe instances of the external EEF:The governmentregulationsThis has been including the features like the regulatory regulations andstandards. For example the doctors could be licensed to practice themedicine on the pets and people. It also includes the quality standardslike Internal Standards Organization Standards, workmanship standardsand the product standards.The market conditionsHere the traditional theory of supply and demand is applicable. Thisalso includes the financial and economic factors (Liao et al., 2015).The infrastructureThis indicates to the capital equipment and facilities of theorganizations. Further, the information technology is also incorporatedin the category.The external politicalconditionsIt has been concerning the external and internal political influences orsituations on the organization or the project.The instances of internal EEF:The organizationalcultureThe organizational culture along with the processes and structure hasbeen influencing the methods to control the project.The human resourcesIt indicates to the current knowledge and skills of the employees.PersonneladministrationThis refers to the guideline to hire, fire, train and the review theperformance of the employees.Theworkingauthorization system ofthe organizationIt has been defining the way how the activities of the projects are beingauthorized.The above factors are able to influence the methods to control the projects. In few situationsthis also includes the results of the projects. Here, for instance, let the groups assigned to the projectare at junior levels and devoid of any skills, knowledge or experience required to finish the activitiesof the project. Then it is on the project manager to make sense of the environmental factors of theorganization (Fa, 2017). Moreover, they must consider and account for how they have could impactthe outcomes and managements of the projects.Development of strategies to implement appropriate course of action:Analyzing the environment:
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