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Assignment on Buyer Behavior

Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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Buyer BehaviorThe case of iMate 20 launchby Huawei
IntroductionThe market mobility of the Huawei iMate20 has beenevaluated here from the perceptions of a customer or amarketer pertaining to other mobile phone brands.The market gain of iMate20 has been quite high since it hasbeen launched in the market.The behavioral aspects of the buyers of iMate20 have beenanalyzed here from the perception of the third party vendorswho are the rival agencies to this series of mobile phone.In order to assess the current market presence of theorganisation and the series of the iMate20, detailed analysisand reflection of the current market segmentation, target aswell as positioning of the mobile phone series of iMate20 hasbeen considered.
Product DifferentiationHuawei launched the iMatw20 series by the end of the year 2018.The Mate 20 series of Huawei is a representation of the latest hardware aswell as the sturdy as well as beautiful designs of the smart phones.The organisation planned and launched the Smartphone at the advent of theChinese New Year.The product was available in the two colors of Fragrant Red as well as CometBlue.The launch of the phone with these two new colors was supposed to enticethe Chinese as well as the major target segments of the Huawei grouparound the globe.However, the parent company of iMate 20 had not targeted the phone to besold in the US.this implies that their target market is secluded from that of the iPhone orGoogle Pixel customer base.The solid aluminum frames and the curvy glass look of the phone as well asits notch cut display crated a unique appeal for the phone.
Market SegmentationIt is evident that not all the marketsegments of Huawei will turn out to beequally favorable for the iMate20 series.Considering the average price of generalflagship phones especially after Xiaomientered the market, it can beemphasized that Huawei has markedthe price of this range of smart phonesabout 2 to 3% higher than the stipulatedprice of the industry (Kong et al. 2019).The primary customer segments thathave targeted for this range of smartphone include the likes of the following,described in the speaker notes section.
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