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1AUSTRALIAN ENGINEERING PRACTICEStudent’s NameCourse NameLecturerUniversityDate
26a.To become an expert engineer, it is important to collaborate with other people in order tolearn how to perform technical work and enhance skills (Shen, 2010). Various aspects ofengineering practice require effective collaboration for work to be effectively performed.Collaboration in the engineering practice can involve several expert engineers workingtogether to solve a specific problem or an expert engineer working with new engineers tohelp them gain work-specific skills (Whitehead, 2007). As an engineering student, technicalskills are easy to apply in any scenario that involves collaboration. Recently, I was involvedin a class project which was done in groups of five. The project required people withtechnical drawing skills as well as communication skills. I was appointed as the group leaderand was responsible for ensuring group activities were completed as expected. Through thecollaboration, the group members were able to complete the project in time. Thecollaboration experience in the group gave me insight into my strengths and weaknesses. Irealized that I need to improve my communication skills in order to communicate with otherseffectively. Besides my shortcomings, I found collaboration to be a key tool for achievingsuccess in team projects. Collaboration was great for the project as it required different skillsare required, but it was undermined by disagreements which affected group communication.6b.Recently, I was appointed as a leader of a football team. As the leader, I was responsible foroverseeing team activities and reporting issues that emerge to the team manager. My roles inthe team included developing a training schedule, sending match invitations, and changingplayers. The leadership role required effective communication and leadership skills in orderto manage the team well. Often, I had to advise players who faced issues when playing on thefield. In one case, I had to instruct one player to work on his dribbling skills in order to
3become an effective mid-fielder who could help the team to score more goals. Instructing theplayers was not an easy process. Some players ignored my instructions and at timeschallenged the advice I gave. Being the team leader, I had to handle such cases with cautionto prevent conflicts which could turn dysfunctional and harm the harmony in the team(Deutsch, 2011). In cases where team players disagreed with my instructions, I requestedtheir opinions to gain an insight into their preferences and find a solution that could work forboth of us. This resolution process was effective and assisted me to forge strong bonds withthe team members.7a.To succeed as an engineer in any country, I have to possess several competencies whichinclude analytical thinking, change leadership, organizational awareness, and teamwork. Ibelieve that I have weaknesses in these competencies and need to work on improving mywork behaviours in order to succeed in my career. As an engineer, I have to enhance myanalytical thinking behaviour in order to effectively understand a situation, assess differentaspects of it, review the implications, and determine causal relationships. With regards to thiswork behaviour, I have to improve my skills in breaking down problems and pulling togetherobservations in a clear format. Change leadership involves initiating and managing change(Anderson, 2010). I have to work on this behaviour by enhancing my ability to interact withothers to identify the need for change and actively support the change process. Organizationalawareness is a key work competency that is vital in the decision-making process (Robbins,2009). Given my weakness in this competency, I have to enhance my ability to understandauthority structure and predict situations that can affect stakeholders in the organization.Additionally, I have to enhance my capability to work cooperatively with others in groups ofany size towards a common goal and share information freely.
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