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Running head: REFLECTIONReflectionName of the student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1REFLECTION6a. Collaboration is essential in teamwork. One of the most important features of effectiveteamwork is collaboration among the team-members (Derry et al. 2014). The various new waysof collaboration that I have successfully learned includes communicating effectively with theteammates, along with creating reliable dependency among each other. While working in a team,I have realised that there are some skills that I posses and some that I need to develop, to be agood team player. Some of my skills, which are effective for being a team player, includecommunication skills, leadership skills, and coordination skills (Ku et al. 2013). As a successfulteam member, I am able to communicate effectively, which is essential to work successfully in ateam. I am able to communicate clearly and convey the correct information to my teammembers, thus mitigating the chances of miscommunication and misunderstandings. Moreover, Idisplay effective leadership skills as well. I am able to lead the members of my team towards thesuccessfully completion of the goals. I help my team members, along with helping them tounderstand the requirement of the project. Moreover, with my effective coordination skills, I amable to assist in coordination of the work, among the team members. Thus, with these skills that Iposses, I am able to work successfully as a team member. However, some of the skills that I need to develop include conflict resolution skills, timemanagement skills as well as control of emotions. Conflicts are common in any team. However,it is important that the conflicts are resolved as soon as they occur, before the conflicts areintensified. This is one of the essential skills that I need to develop, in order to ensure better teammanagement. Moreover, time-management is also essential, so that I am able to manage multiplework, in a short period of time. Collaboration is very important in a team. The coordinationamong the team members was good. However, the lack of responsibility among some of theteam members was frustrating.

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